autism and epilepsy

Our son, Moose, was diagnosed with autism in 2011. In 2015, he was diagnosed with epilepsy, too.
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Initial Evaluation (11/29/10)
ADOS testing (1/3/11)
ADOS results (1/11/11)
Overwhelmed (1/12/11)
Under control (1/13/11)
Normal Chromosomes (2/23/11)
Face of Autism (4/22/11)
First seizures (3/13/15)
Anything (6/9/15)
MRI update (11/11/15)
November update/2nd MRI (12/8/15)
Grand Mal seizure vs. Petit Mal seizure (12/15/15)
First surgery (6/16)
Seizure free until 12/17
Second surgery (3/17)

Articles and resources on autism I love
What's Wrong with This Picture?  My Autistic Son Doesn't Need Fixed.
Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney - Ron Suskind

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