Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ADOS results (FINALLY)

Perhaps I am impatient as Moose was only tested last Monday; however, when I was told to expect a phone call and mail but don't receive it, I get a little testy. So I called (again) up to the doctor's office. I first spoke with her (she may regret calling me from that number now) and she said the report was dictated and edited so it should have gone out on Friday. She gave me a number to call to talk with Jessica who should have mailed it.
I spoke with Jessica - who was SO nice. She said she'd mailed the results to our primary care doctor - and asked if I'd requested the results (I had). She apologized more than enough times about not being able to tell me the results (her credentials don't allow it) but checked our address to mail us out a copy (good thing because they had the wrong PO box #). She said once I got the results, if I couldn't interpret them, to call back. If Dr. Matthews wouldn't (huh? isn't that her job) to talk to Sandy. I started crying (I hate that...we've just been waiting so long) and she asked if I was OK. I just said we'd been waiting for so long, and she said she would get Dr. Matthews on the phone to see if she would explain the results to me.
The doctor came back on the line. She seemed just clueless as to what I wanted. I don't know, lady, how about the results I've been waiting to hear for months?! FINALLY she drudged it out that she has labeled him with autism disorder. She talked (which I had a hard time following because my boys were fighting) and what I got was that from the form my husband filled out and all the other information, she has gathered that Moose has very low functioning social skills, hence the autism rather than PDDNOS or Asperger's (which I hadn't figured on Aspergers because most of those kids have no speech problems).
That was hard to hear because I know he doesn't have the social skills most kids his age have but he does have some. He's so friendly and loveable. He'll chat at anyone (whether they understand or not...), say hi, give hugs. It's just the playing social skills mostly, I think. I still haven't seen the results - hopefully I will know more later this week.
So now we have our diagnosis and it's off to the next step. In a few weeks we'll be moving to Kansas (not far from where we are here in Nebraska but just closer to work and church). Then we'll be placing Moose in a special education preschool (which I am more than nervous about) and I've left a message for the doctor at the autism center with the University of Kansas to call me back so we can know what to do next. Probably more waiting. :D


Angie Bee said...

You have now been told one of the hardest things you will ever hear. I am sending hugs your way. Lots and lots of them.
I can't guarantee it will get easier from here on out but now you have something to work with.

My son is very affectionate and loving with just about everyone so I know what you mean about it not making sense but just remember a label is a good thing because without it you wont get the help you need. Keep that perspective and you are NOT ALONE!!

Its ok to grieve and be pissed and cry and whatever. You will find that autism is not always a negative. You will appreciate the little things from here on out so much more. They will become so precious the small victories!

Where in Kansas are you going? I might be able to help. We are from Kansas.

Jessica Heights said...

I'm sorry that this has been such a tough road...but I'm glad that now you know where to go from here with your sweet boy!

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