anything...but autism...or that

When I was pregnant with Moose in 2006, I was taking education classes and we discussed autism. I remember thinking, "oh Lord, anything but that." My husband remembers me praying about it, too.

It wasn't until 2010 his autism was diagnosed.

It was hard and full of emotional questions: was this my fault for past transgressions, was this my fault physically, why, now what. In those 5 years since, I've learned SO much about being a mom, a wife, a human being, a Christian that I otherwise would not have learned if I'd had a "normal" kid my firstborn (Squirt does not have autism).

I have learned to pray that God be glorified in these really hard moments (when our firstborn had his first seizure this year and subsequent epilepsy diagnosis). Whether He is glorified in how we handle the situations presented, in our parenting, in our struggles, in our lives.

We want Him glorified and so I say "anything" as we await this third child this summer. It's a hard decision to make, saying anything. It's scary because anything means anything!

But I have seen God glorified and use this situation for so many things and I am willing to say "anything" for this daughter growing in my womb because I can't handle anything, but God can.

Jennie Allen's book, "Anything," is being re-released this summer to include a study guide in the back (order the book here). I have this book sitting on my shelf, waiting for me to start it. June 15th, FaithGateway is kicking off a summer Bible study using this book (register here).

You can share your own "anything" story to enter to win a few prizes (plus it's good to get it out there!). Do so here.

*I have no pictures because I've been too lazy to upload them, sorry!*


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