about us

Randi - author of the blog, lover of Jesus Christ, mama to 4, wife of 12 years, big dreamer trying to do less 
(less activity = less stress)

Big A - Christ follower, selfless husband, dedicated daddy, hard-worker, simple man, Husker lover

Moose - happy 9 times out of 10, wants to be a race car driver, would spend every minute on a screen if allowed (it's not), best friend to Squirt, cuddler of all 

Squirt - grumpy 8 times out of 10, hyper the other 2 times, comic author/illustrator but wants to be a scientist, lover of mama, playmate with daddy, best friend of Moose, playmate to Princess, Baby holder

Princess - the girl in this boy club, sweet & sassy, loves to smile & giggle, loves her friends & brothers, mama's helper, bookworm (like her brothers & mama)

Baby - the newbie (and finale) of this club, sweetest smiles and dimples, loves to be held by all but most of all by mama

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