Tuesday, December 8, 2015

November update

I love November. This is when I get in the holiday spirit. I love Thanksgiving, family gatherings, programs, Christmas music (proclaiming God's love!) on major radio stations 24/7, and putting up the Christmas tree.

Moose: Our Wednesday evenings have been filled up with Christmas program practices since October. Moose has been loving new songs to sing from our "Christmas in Reverse" program. He memorizes quickly and loves music, so this has been fun for him. Tonight is their program so that update will be later this month.

He also had his Veteran's Day program for school. He sang so beautifully all of these songs. And they had two showings: one during the day, one at night. I didn't think to go during the day but I hear he did a great job of reading the Cub Scout stuff.

top row, third from right
He had an MRI at the start of November. It was almost postponed but God quickly answered that prayer. All went very well, considering. The MRI showed a malformation in his speech cortex (which really explains a lot AND gives me a great respect for all he has overcome in this area of his life). We aren't sure if that is exactly what has caused his seizures and are being referred to Children's Mercy in hopes of better stopping them. He had 1 seizure this month (November).

they let him choose between a wheelchair and wagon ride for his exit from the hospital. 


He's been back in love with Thomas and Friends. Trains out all over his room, watching the show, singing the song. Also Paw Patrol thanks to a small friend of ours. hehe!

Squirt: LOVING Cub Scouts. His first Rain Gutter Regatta was this month. He won one race and lost the rest, BUT big bonus was that he took that losing very well. He mostly does not.

aren't they handsome?!

he won this race!

He gets so into school events. He loves the Royals thanks in part to this and wants to participate in EVERYTHING that the school puts on. He was very disappointed when the Neon Walk (in November) was postponed so Big A took him and Moose on a run themselves.

At Thanksgiving, I think this guy was as disappointed as I that there was no turkey. "Where's the turkey?" was his first thought upon receiving his plate of food. I concur, buddy.

We learned that Monopoly with a 6 year old sore loser is not good. But we tried playing as a family and it was fun the first and second nights but the third was bad. Tears and a quit game. We'll wait a few (many) years.

copying how Princess is laying (see below). 

Lego Master Builder
the boys have been playing with this calculator for a few weeks now. Funny.

still loves his girl
On the 28th, Squirt FINALLY lost his first tooth. Was this kid excited?! Oh yeah, and the Tooth Fairy left him 50 cents. Yes, that's all my kids get from their poor Tooth Fairy.

Princess: Why does this child seem to be getting so big so fast? What is with that? She can now roll over from belly to back. I haven't seen it in several weeks but I know she can do this.
she is a daddy's girl for sure

but we have fun, too!

such a big girl!

She had her first all-day baby-sitter when we had Moose's MRI. Thanks so much to Debbie for loving on my girl. I seem to have many friends that need baby fixes who are willing to watch her when I need. I'm so thankful.

We dedicated Princess to the Lord this month. We want to do our best to raise her to love Him with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength. Big A's mom, the kids' cousins, and his grandparents came to celebrate with us!
all the S Club cousins together
Great Grandpa MelVern and Great Grandma Janice
baby dedication

She holds toys and flails them around. It's so so so so so so fun! She grabs her little toes and stretches her legs out. So close to rolling over back to belly but not yet.
love seeing all this through her eyes
She got to see Santa Claus for the first time. She took it well. I'm sure most 4 months old do. It was adorable, this Santa set up.

She giggled for Squirt on the 30th. The first official giggle goes to him.

That's about it for November. Looking forward to a Christ-centered December.

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Linda said...

Love reading your updates. Princess Sweet Pea looks adorable in the red Santa outfit. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Your boys are SO normal. Keep playing games and model good behavior. Me thinks it is part of being the middle child right now.

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