Friday, April 10, 2015

neurologist, EKG, EEG

This past Tuesday is when we took Moose to see a pediatric neurologist. We really liked Dr. K; thought he had a great bedside manner, especially with Moose. It takes some patience and persistence to have a conversation with this kiddo, but the doc did.

Very observant guy, too. He noticed a slight curvature in Moose's back and that one leg is longer than another. We'll have that PT appointment to look forward to in the near future. Dr. K also said I would not make it to my due date; so we'll see on that one, too.

Moose did so well behaviorally. It was kind of amazing. He not only did well in the appointment with Dr. K but also endured an EKG and EEG that same day. I was talking to his teacher this morning and she observed (and I agree) that Moose holds it together really well during school and sometimes on Fridays you can see him coming apart at the seams. I'm sure it takes great energy from him to seem so "normal" so often, but he does a wonderful job of it.

We did get results back from the EEG and are going to go have an MRI done after some wave activity was seen in the first test. This could mean seizures or it could not; I hate to jump to conclusions before having all of our ducks in a row. I guess now it's a waiting game for this new test and results.

Whatever may happen, we know God is in control. He made Moose just how He wanted to make him, seizures or not. I trust in that hope, always.

I'll leave you with pictures of the boys. I haven't shared any in awhile on here.

Faces painted like Lego Ninjago characters - Cole and Kai

a nice day in January (I need to take more pics of them!)

Also in January...

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