Wednesday, January 12, 2011

navigating the waters

I am just beyond frustrated and overwhelmed today. Moose is sick for one - there's something coming out of one end or the other (or both) at various intervals since last night at supper. And then there's all this autism stuff. I don't know how to find out what therapies would be best for him - I know the doctor that saw us said ABA (applied behavior analysis) would be best for him. However, we're moving to Kansas - and unless you have state health insurance, ABA is a private pay therapy. I don't know how much it is much less if we can afford that (probably not). There is just so much information and I don't know how to organize it and figure out what is for us and what isn't. I feel like there should be a doctor to help guide us through this.
Like right now, we have a diagnosis. But what do I do next? I know ABA is recommended and I've contacted 2 ABA therapists within reasonable distance from what will be our new home to find out about costs.
But what if we can't afford ABA? There are other behavior therapies but would a doctor recommend them to us? There's occupational therapy, social skills therapy, special diets, medicines, and on and on and on and on - and I'm lost.
How does anyone ever navigate this system? Especially in a completely unfamiliar state? Frustrating day.


Stacey said...

Praying for you guys. You're an awesome Mom!

Becky D said...

You are doing awesome b/c you are being proactive and looking out for Moose! That's number 1 and you would be surprised at the parents that don't. I've got some info to help you, I don't know Kansas, but some things I know education wise and some steps to take. I haven't had a lot of time and a phone call is much better than email. We will talk soon, I promise!

In Light of the Truth... said...

I can see why you feel the way you do! I feel like when you got the diagnosis you should've been sat down and talked with about what specifically to do next. Because there's a lot these days to help autism! I hope you find some answers this week, maybe get connected with a doctor or something who can walk through this journey WITH you??

Anonymous said...

I think you're an awesome mom- you're so proactive! But I do agree it has to be a lot harder to move when you have a child who is special needs. I mean, you can't just find any old pediatrician ya know, or just send him to the school where every other kid in the neighborhood goes, or the daycare down the road, etc. So much of that is stuff that I know I would take for granted, even though I don't have kids yet.

The Playdo pics are super cute too :).


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