Wednesday, October 26, 2011

do you drink the kool-aid or not?

Since learning of Moose's autism diagnosis, there have been many cases of information overload. With that overload come differing opinions, extremists, and what-the-heck moments. It's so hard to know what to believe, what is true, what will help, what is hooey.

Yesterday's trip to the allergist was no different. This allergist had come highly recommended by friends but our doctor was hesitant about our visit. When we arrived, there was a lot of information (some that seemed like hooey. i.e. claims that food CAUSED autism, ear infections were CAUSED by milk allergies). There were a lot of unanswered questions (why doctors wouldn't give this business' allergy shots, adverse reactions to the shots). Red flags showed themselves to us so much (not being a board certified allergist, for one).

But what do we believe and what don't we believe? I talked with a friend today who has had such a positive experience through this doctor with her son; it's hard not to taste the Kool-aid. I don't want to mess up my kid or hinder his "betterment." But I don't want to put him through so much that is unnecessary.

What do you do when you don't know what to do?

Edit to add: I talked to a physician's assistant who said that allergies could aid in the swelling of inner possibly could help along infections. I also chatted with two women who have had positive interactions with this doctor. I wish I say one way or the other what is right; I can't. I did talk with our pediatrician today and plan to discuss this with our developmental pediatrician, too. I'm so blessed to have great professionals we've worked with so far.


Linda said...

I say go with your gut for what you believe is best for your kid.

... said...

I ask my mom. ;)

Keep on keepin' on, girl. You're doing a fantastic job with your boys ... and I'm super proud of you.

xo - B.

Stacey said...

Well, I'm pretty certain that milk allergies can cause ear infections. My aunt believes this 100%, because she saw it in her oldest son. As soon as she stopped breast feeding and gave him whole milk, he got A TON of ear infections. He was always sick. As a teen, he refused to drink milk. Said he never really liked it, and it didn't sit well with him.

Wouldn't you rather go through diet changes than medication? Just a question. I've heard a lot of info about food being a huge TRIGGER for autism. I wouldn't go so far as to say it causes it, but it wouldn't hurt to do some more research into preservatives and packaged foods. Eat more meat and potatoes, and less packaged foods. Potatoes are cheap :)

Ryan C said...

Some people can be highly regarded but have stubborn beliefs in what they think is right. Example: I went to a highly regarded gastro doctor for an eating problem.. and he said that ALL food caused this problem.. but I knew what foods caused it and what was safe to eat to avoid it.. so I know 100% that his answer was wrong, but his belief was that there was no single food that caused it so thats what he stuck with. I plan to get a second opinion when I can get into the doctor to get a 'referral' to another one. I just didnt trust this guys answer.

The Frazee's said...

go with your gut....or talk with people that have been through what you are going thru. i do agree that a good diet and adequate sleep can help amazingly with things such as autism and behavior in general....i've seen it happen so many times with parents who think their kiddos have something "wrong" with them (althought many of these parents were just "suspicious" of autism, add or adhd and hadn't actually been tested like you guys have) after a diet change, and a change in sleep patterns the behaviors werent happening so much. you are doing a good job with "moose" hes lucky to have parents like you guys.

EmmaP said...

Pray, pray, and pray again. Keep doing what you're already doing by looking into various opinions and resources. Continue working with his regular pediatrician. If his regular pediatrician does not specialize in Autism, perhaps get another opinion from one who does. I truly believe that when I pray about something, and then proceed with a course of action, the feeling I get will confirm if it is right or not. If I get a feeling of peace, then it is right. If I get more anxiety or uneasiness, then something just isn't right. If I get "nothing" - like a stupor of thought, then I need to try something else. I firmly believe that you are already doing those things, and proceeding in that fashion. Just remember that part of having faith means having faith in yourself. You are a great mom with great instincts; look how far you've already come with him!

Keep it up! You are truly an inspiring woman! :)

EmmaP said...

Oh -- and on another note... when I was ill a few years back, I felt like my OB/GYN was sort of downplaying my symptoms, even though she was regarded as one of the best and EVERYONE I knew that went to her absolutely loved her. And while I agree she is an EXCELLENT dr. for pregnancy, labor and delivery, I went through my stuff for 2 miserable years until I decided to get a 2nd opinion. The 2nd dr. was extremely aggressive. He wanted to move forward and move fast on a few "new" experimental procedures. He was also considered "the best" in gynecological disorders. But he talked so fast I felt like my head was spinning. I never really felt like I had thorough answers to my questions, and yet like a sucker in a used car lot, I allowed myself to being talked into some procedures. After six months, I knew things were worse than before, and regretted the choice I made to see this "expert" (his treatment made me lose hair and gain tons of weight too). SO, I went to get a 3rd opinion. A female OB/GYN who specialized in pelvic disorders because she herself had been misdiagnosed from her early teenage years. Not only was she kind and patient and a great listener, she understood because she had been through it herself. I knew she was the right dr for me when she took out a piece of paper and said, "Let's figure out a plan together - something that works for you." She has been my dr. now for over 7 years.

I learned my lesson the hard way. I wish I was more like you back then. I wish I would have questioned more and not rushed into things and did my own "research". Good for you.

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