Autism Awareness Day

Just in case I forgot about autism in our family, today Moose decided to throw a tantrum as soon as we got to school. He'd been playing/reading just fine - full of energy - at home and as soon as we walked in to school, "I feel badly." What? He says he's sick (no symptoms, although I've been ill). Sits on the floor outside of his classroom. I ask Squirt if he can walk to his classroom by himself today. Surprisingly, he says yes and does it so well (after he gets his hug and kiss - what a big boy).

He's heavy and we stand him up a few times. We being the IRC (not 100% recollecting what that means but basically special education) and his regular classroom teacher and myself. OK he's not that big but when a 60 some pound kid decides to not stand, it takes a bit to get him up.

I think we got him convinced to stay at school but my cell phone is ready for the call "he threw up." Happy Autism Awareness Day - when you remember that your child cannot communicate his needs/desires as well as other kids.

One of the many struggles with autism. Not that it's all struggles. I think sometimes people hear autism and think constant struggle. It's not.

Our life with autism has been really beautiful. Beautiful doesn't mean easy but just beautiful. You have to live in the moment (which is a struggle for me; my natural parenting style - there's a fancy name I don't remember - makes me want to check out and check in when it's convenient for me) and appreciate each moment for what it is. Today? I appreciated the instant obedience I received from both of my children this morning as we hurried to school. I appreciated the teachers there to help me, not judging, just loving. I appreciated the friend who hugged Moose and told him she loved him as we walked in to school. I appreciate a quiet house (that desperately needs cleaned after Mommy being sick for half a week) that I came home to.

Today, pray for those with autism. Not necessarily for a cure - I don't know what Moose would be like without his autism. It's part of him. But pray for acceptance from others, understanding from others, grace from others. Pray for those who judge the "different" people. Pray for soft hearts and open minds. Pray for compassionate hands that move to help. Pray for wisdom for people who deny when their family members have autism or any other difference.

We are blessed to have a biological and church family who accept Moose for who is he - tantrums and obsessions and repetitive talking and all. We do have a few who don't accept his condition/diagnosis. I pray today that they accept in their hearts that it doesn't change who he is, that he's not defective or wrong but beautiful and made exactly how our Creator wanted him made.


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