Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Days of Fitness: Day 7

For this series of posts, I will be writing a review over a workout DVD on Saturdays. DVDs are a wonderful, affordable (mostly) way to get a really good workout at home. These played a large part in the very beginning of my health journey.

I've been a stay-at-home mom mostly for 5 years (I was going to college the first year and was a house mom at a group home for a few months but otherwise - home). With little kids it can be a pain to get out of the house to workout. I highly recommend DVDs (and a treadmill or elliptical if you can afford them). Jogging strollers are a great option - for walking or running.

Tomorrow I began the Jillian Michaels' 6 Week 6 Pack. It's a DVD (duh) that uses HIIT training to help you lose weight while sculpting your abs. I've done this workout several times, but not in the 6 week time frame that the title suggests.

6W6P (as I refer to it) is 35 minutes long. There are two levels - and in those two levels you can work a little harder using hand weights or a little less if you want. Jillian is pretty family-friendly, minus the occasional a-word (as in bad@#$).

This is the harder of the JM workouts I've tried. There is a ton of core work (of course) so you'll feel it. But Jillian doesn't just work on abs doing crunches and planks. She works your whole body. She says that you can't just do spot work to get rid of fat; you have to do cardio, too.

I'm excited for these next 6 weeks but I'm also hesitant. I get bored by DVDs somewhat easily. However, I stuck with the Insanity workout for 2 months so I think I can handle Jillian for 6 weeks.

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