Friday, March 11, 2011

Boys in Motion: marble run

Once upon a time, 
there was a little boy named Moose.
Moose was in love...
with marbles.

It all started with an Ok Go music video.
Then it expanded to marble runs.
A friend's house, play group, and preschool.

I looked online
from Etsy to Amazon.
I couldn't find what I wanted
or they were too much moolah!

Then something amazing happened.
At pre-school dropoff,
Miss Jane
had something for Moose.

marble run!


va_grown said...

That is precious!

Rachel Elizabeth. said...

So glad he got one! That was a nice surprise, I bet. I've considered getting one for my boys, but have had better things to spend my money on. I may get one eventually - the science geek in me can see it as a great teaching tool!

In Light of the Truth... said...

So fun! I used to love playing with my grandparent's marble run (didn't know it was called that!) when I was little!

AND I'm slightly jealous you have MARBLES, because I've been wanting to do marble painting! Place a piece of paper in a cookie sheet or something. Blob a little paint on the paper then roll the marble all over letting it randomly spread the paint all over. You can leave your painting like this or cut out fun shapes (like hearts for Valentines or anything else) after the paint dries.

EmmaP said...

very cool! My dad used to make stuff like that for fun. I love marbles!

Alicia said...

awww fun!! i bet he was SO excited!!! my boogie would LOVE that...omg. he's the same way with marbles!! i may have to have daddy make one for need to email you tomorrow...our boys are more alike than i knew! :)

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