Tuesday, March 16, 2010

book exchange!

I have been frequenting the local library looking for some interesting reads lately because, despite my large library of my own books, I haven't found anything calling my name to be read. Then my good friend, Angie of Seven Clown Circus fame, decided to host a bloggy book exchange.

There are usually some good exchanges floating around the blogosphere, but I have never participated in any of them. And I, English literature geek that I am, was thrilled to participate in this one.

I looked through my own library and chose some of my favorite books to send to my new friend, Rebekkah from Life with Kaishon. Then I awaited the arrival of her books for me. Here's what I got in the mail:

I don't vlog very often because I think I look like a dork, but since my camera is floating with the fishes, I decided to let you have a peek at my living room. Excuse my stupid ending - I feel like such a dork taping myself.

For those who can't see the video, here are the titles I received: Over Her Dead Body (movie), Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, True Believer by Nicholas Sparks, Lyrics of Love & Loss: A Poetic Journey Through Infertility and Adoption by Stephanie H. Garcia, and Nobody Knows by Mary Jane Clark. I'm a Nicholas Sparks fan and know of Mary Jane Clark, but have never read anything by her, so I'm excited. I think this will open doors of literature for me (wow, I'm a geek, right).

I'm excited to read each of them (or watch in the case of the movie). Thank you so much Rebekkah. Angie, thanks for hosting this. I look forward to participating again.


Out On A Limb said...

I LOVED your vlog. You are a natural on camera!

I love that even though you don't necessarily have a NEED for the infertility and adoption book you are willing to give it a try.

I read Like Water for Elephants a couple of years ago. I remember really liking the prose.

Isn't Mary Jane Clark Mary Higgins Clarks ex daughter in law?

Out On A Limb said...

Oops. That was me. Angie.

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Randi- you did awesome. I know vlogging can be hard, we all think we look like dorks! You do not look like a dork. I love Nicholas Sparks, his books are so good. I have Water For Elephants, it is in my to-read pile.

Vicki said...

Great job!! Now I have a voice to put with the words :) A book that I've read recently that I LOVED and would read again is A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. It's an older book, a little long, but really powerful.

Enjoy your reading!

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

I think your video is sweet. I always think it's fun to hear what people I usually only read sound like :)

Michelle said...

Looks like you got some great books. I participated in the book exchange as well and got some great books too. Hoping to post about it tomorrow.

EmmaP said...

that was way cute! ok - someone told me that if you post your video on YouTube (you can make it private, so no one else sees), then the "reverse image" will correct itself.

a book swap sounds so cool!!! Now **I** wanna do one. Hmm....

I may just get bold and do it! =D

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