Wednesday, July 1, 2009

baby name contest & Writer's Workshop

Although this contest was supposed to have a prize, I apologize because I underestimated our financial situation. Not to say we're bad off but just not comfortable quite yet.

ANYWAY, I'm still going to hold the contest and the winner will receive....
the knowledge of winning!

Big A & I are having a hard time coming up with a boy name for this new baby. Now, we don't know for sure Baby 2 is a boy, but we have a girl name picked out.

If this baby comes out with more estrogen than testosterone,
she will be Evie (pronounced EV) Lynn (my middle name).

However, if this baby comes out with a pee-pee, we have only a vague idea of what to name him. Our choices so far: Isaac, Samuel, Charlie (EDIT: just Charlie, not Charles). Middle name for Isaac & Samuel would be Lee (same as Moose's, Big A's, my dad's, and Big A's dad's). However, Lee does not fit with Charlie. OR my husband's choice: Nacho. haha

Here is where you come in. Since we aren't stuck on any of the above male names, I am putting you in charge.

How to enter this contest (each constitutes an entry):

1. Leave a comment with your favorite boy name (first & middle preferably) OR a middle name suiting to the name Charlie.

How the winner will be chosen:

I am going to have Big A randomly pick a number (I don't know how to use the generator things, sorry).
I cannot commit to naming my child the name I like best out of your choices; I can't do that to Big A (sorry).

You have until the baby's born to enter, BUT if you want even a possibility of us actually naming the kid your suggestion (given that it comes out with a pee-pee, of course), you probably want to enter ASAP.

Good luck (and thanks)!
Writer's Workshop
Prompt 5: Show us something you made:

Although I stopped myself short of posting a picture of my son (because I did make him), I will show you the baby blanket I made.

Click HERE to see the original link to what I made!! I'm also in the midst of making another blanket that will hopefully be done by Saturday. I'll post pictures of it along with the party pictures maybe Sunday.

For more Writer's Workshop fun, check out Mama Kat's Losin' It.


Also, my boy turned 2 yesterday (July 1). Be sure to click here to wish him a happy birthday. I'll post party pictures after this weekend.


Your cool friend Cheryl said...

Is Charlie going to be short for Charles? Charles Joseph is a combo I adore.

Me said...

My sister is having her baby today. She's having a boy, but if it were a girl, she picked the same name you did for a girl. Only difference is that she'd spell the middle name's just how it's spelled in my family :)

As for a boy name?
I love Isaac Lee.
I also love Charlie, but cannot, at this early hour, think of a good middle name for it, haha.

Good luck!

Melissa said...

Cute blanket!!!
I always liked Charlie Thomas

Here are my suggestions:
Robert Charles
Evan Lee
Ethan Lee
Dominick Michael

I'm not having any more babies, so I'm passing the names onto you :)

Foursons said...

Love the blanket! And I've always loved the name Logan.

Jen said...

that is a great blanket.

Boys names are hard to come up with. We had a terrible time find names for our boys. Anyway, some that I like but didn't make the cut.
Owen John
Finley Paul
Liam Richard

EmmaP said...

girls names were much easier for me to pick out than my boy's...

I think any of these sound good with Lee as the middle name...

Aiden ... (you get the idea)

Ab said...

A. Thanks for visiting!
B. It's kind of eerie that you call your son "moose." My husband (and daughter) both have blonde curls...and his family nickname has always been moose.
C. Hudson Lee, Lee Wallace, Lee Davidson, Davis Lee, Christopher Lee, Grant Lee (although I think that might be illegal to some southerners...:)). That's all I got! Best Wishes on the new babe!

Shannon said...

hey hot mama! thanks so much for the tip on the royal gorge! saved us some money and you know how much i love that! :) you're a doll!

Marina said...

Charlie Dan?

I love the name Nathan and if we have a boy whenever we have our next I'd love to name him Nathan Samuel

P.S. I'm coming over from SITS....bunny hop over to enter 4 great giveaways: Hippo books, CoverBee Laptop sleeve, Chex Mix bars, Piggy Paint- 10 winners in all!!)

Sadiebug and her Mom said...

My husband's name is Charlie (actually Charles, but I call him Charlie), but your right... it doesn't really go with Lee. I like Nathan. That's a good one. (But not Nate.) I've known some good guys named Nathan.

Kelsey said...

I love blanket! I hope you're having girl :) Her name is too cute.

Okay so because I have a love of baby names, here you go.

Charlie Joseph
Charlie Edward (that was my pediatricians name lol)
Lucas Lee
Matthew Lee
Landon Nash
Braedon Lee
Charlie James
David Lee

and as a bonus I will even share my baby name with you hahah! (Feel free to use it if you like). Lucas Michael.

Good luck. Can't wait to "meet" the baby!

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