Tuesday, June 23, 2009

toot your horn Tuesday!

Alright, this tooting thing isn't going to be a weekly thing, but I am really proud of myself.

My best friend, Laura, taught me to crochet back in like October. Then she moved and I never got past that first night. In January, we moved and got so busy, I never got a chance to re-learn or keep going.

Well, just weeks before we moved back, I got the nesting bug. Now, I hate (HATE) to clean so I picked up my crocheting. I was working on a dark blue thing (at that point it could have been a blanket, a scarf, anything) but the weather was SO nice that I just couldn't use such dark yarn. Yuck.

So I picked up the only other yarn I owned: pink - bubblegum pink! Everyone was telling me that I was having a girl (most people have told me that either because of how I'm carrying or some other old wives' tale), so I thought this was appropriate, not only just more fun. I kept going at it, even when it was too frustrating for my Type-A personality. I added this bright green (not quite neon but not grass green) because I really like pink and green together.

Last night I finished the other green part and, although the original plan was to add this beautiful blue color, I decided I'd had enough with this blanket (haha) and wanted to finish it (it doesn't help that I'm just antsy for this baby to get here). So I stitched it together while watching late night talk shows and Scrubs.


What's something that you never thought you'd finish but did? (I was just reminded that I didn't tell you what would happen if I had another son. No worries, I have a niece on the way, too)

***Do you knit and/or crochet? Go check out the Coolest Mom on the Block, Cheryl's blog, for a great way to do something nice for others***


Happy said...

So weird. I had your comment page minimized at work getting ready to comment and you commented over at my place...we're on the same wave length today!

Love that blanket. It's so bright and cheery and a little baby girl would look so cute bundled in it!!! I guess I just realized that you have no idea what you are having...how exciting!

And Caroline is 21 months. She is a fairly good talker for her age. She speaks volumes more and better than Noah. He has a pretty bad speech delay and has been in speech therapy for a year now. It's good that Moose mimicks you...that's how they learn!

EmmaP said...

oh you did such a great job!!!

This is my whole purpose for the 5k... for me to finish something I'd never thought I'd do... it's empowering, isnt it?

3 more weeks!!! yay!

Jaime said...

I love that blanket!!! You should start selling them!

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