Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Moose

Dear Moose,
I can’t believe another year has flown by. Today you are 2 years old. Wow. It’s so amazing to look back at pictures and remember stories only to realize that they have taken place so long ago. And what a great (and busy) two years its been, especially this p
ast year or even just 2009. Moving to Virginia, living at a group home, moving back to Nebraska, and pretty soon welcoming a new brother or sister into your life. What a big boy!

You have gone from lumbering to running, from just baby noise
s to signs and words. Your hair has gone from practically balding to having the ability to duplicate itself seemingly overnight. What lovely curls you have, my precious. You used to only need teething toys and now you love to drive your “caws” (cars) around the living room, over my belly, and on your own body. You know what to say to pretty girls (woo-woo) and know exactly how to (try to) charm your way out of trouble (“hi” all sly and cute).

I hope you know that, if I could, I would give you the world. You would have the best toys, the best clothes, the best pool ever. But I know that the only thing you need (and the best thing I can give you now) is myself. My time, my love, my discipline, my unconditional love. You only need to learn by watching me and Daddy.

And I pray to God you turn out like Daddy. He’s the best role mod
el any 2-year-old big boy could ever want. He wrestles with you, he tickles you, he plays the coolest computer games, you shower together and he reads you the Word every night before bed. If you ever need anything, especially advice, you have no further to look than your dear ol’ Dad. He really is the best, I’m not being biased at all.

I am so blessed to spend my days with you. I love to watch you as you play and pretend to “feed” me something (I’m not sure what). Your eyes just light up when we watch Jeopardy together or one of you “mobies” (movies: Baby Einstein). I love when you figure out a new sign or a new word. It’s the most incredible feeling to know that I am forming a foundation for you to learn for the rest of your life.

My favorite thing to do is watch you dance, though. You just dance like you’re dancing just for me. You have your big beautiful smile on and waving your arms around, stomping your feet to your own beat. You’ll dance to baby songs, country, Christian - any music at all. And watching you worship at church, just clapping your hands looking at everything going on around you is fantastic. I hope this music bug sticks with you forever because it’s a pleasure to watch you enjoy the music.

It has been the largest pleasure and blessing in my life to be
your mom. You have made my life so much more enjoyable. There’s nothing like it when Daddy says, “give mommy a kiss” before bedtime and you come up and look at me with those pursed lips and big ol’ baby blues and I get the best kiss in the world.

I love you so much.
Thank you for being a super sweet son,


Here's a look back at Moose when he was born:

And Moose at his 1st birthday:

This video is in honor of Alicia at It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy.

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*Just Jen* said...

Happy Birthday Moose!!!

Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your deliver that appears to be rapidly approaching! :)

Daddydayone said...

Happy Birthday! May they all be happy!

Jen said...

Aw, Happy Birthday sweet, sweet Moose! You are a great boy!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

Awww, happy birthday to him!

Alicia said...

OH. MY. GOSH!!!! I'm in love! Will you email me your address so I can send a little something for Moose's bday? And thanks for made my day!

EmmaP said...

very sweet! i hope he had a great birthday. glad to see baby #2 is still baking in the oven ;)

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