Sunday, June 19, 2016

May update, into June, and Happy Father's Day

May was crazy! June is crazy! July is birthdays so I'm looking forward to August. I think.

I think the biggest update is on Moose. His surgery went fantastic. It was June 1. It's like he's had no recovery, seriously. He came out of the operating room in no pain and hasn't complained of pain since (that's 2 weeks of no pain, amazing, miraculous. Thank You, Great Physician). The procedure was a success - they took out the tissue/tumor they were hoping to obtain. He's had no seizures since (which is not an indication one way or another since he is still on his anti-seizure meds).
waiting in the hospital - looking at something not-so-serious, I'm sure

my sister and I coloring while we wait
Big A took him for his two week follow-up yesterday (I was home sick). They said only 4 more weeks of no swimming (versus 6 weeks). Everything seems to be healing fine (despite his picking at the scabs on his head). He will have another MRI December 20 and if that looks good, they will start to take him off of his medicine. What a Christmas gift that is to look forward to!

he said, "I thought I was going to die, but I didn't!" and we're so thankful!

he enjoyed this red nose from my parents

a little big "swoll" (as he said)

he loved playing Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U
 Thank you to everyone who prayed for our family and the gifts and meals. It's amazing how taken care of we are here. My family was fantastic in coming to sit with us during the operation, my parents coming home with me to get settled with the younger two. Thank you guys; you're truly the best.

a little bit swollen and sad to leave Mario Kart but we were so thankful to hit the road for home!

The rest of May went well, as I recall. It feels like a lifetime ago, truly. The boys ended school well. Squirt is on to second grade, Moose is on to fourth. I think that will be a big adjustment for him as they move rooms for different classes in fourth grade, but I think he'll adjust well. He has an amazing team of support behind him at school and at home.
me at home with the littles - Pop Tarts and early morning walks

she loves ice packs

Princess is growing so fast! Already she can fit into some of her 12 month clothing (and 6 month clothing at the same time, so girls' clothing is no better than women's). I love seeing her in dresses, although they obstruct her crawling a bit. She'll eat just about anything you put in her mouth (not saying she CAN eat it, but she'll try). She's a big mooch if you're eating anything and throws quite the fit if you do not share. She can walk holding on to things, so pretty soon she'll be ready to run. She can free stand for a few seconds at a time (I have yet to witness it myself but I've heard). She mimics sounds you make, calls Big A "mama" (so annoying), says "uh-oh" or an approximation of it when she drops something, perhaps says "ba-ba" for bye but not sure. Hard to say at this age what they can say and what is just coincidental babbling. She's still pretty fun to hang out with, but has been waking at night (I can't complain because night shift is her mama's job...Big A).

Oh yeah! The weekend before the surgery, we found out about the Richard Petty Experience! The boys each got to ride around the Kansas City Speedway for 6 laps at about 120 MPH!! How sweet is that?! The boys had such a great time!!

Moose going around the track

Squirt going across the finish line!

Squirt just finished art camp which I think he loved! I haven't had a ton of time to talk to him about it because I was really sick this week so I just haven't sat down to work it out with him. He did love going to see Finding Dory last night (we all did). What a cute movie!

And he's joined the swim team! He tries so hard at practice and has fun. He does his best at meets and has already improved! Last meet (yesterday) he almost made it the whole way without stopping!! It was great to see such a marked improvement already. I know he's hoping for a ribbon yet this year but we've been calling this his practice year since it's his first.

And a happy Father's Day to my dad and my husband. You guys rock!

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