Tuesday, November 11, 2014

GIVEAWAY! A Robertson Family Christmas by Miss Kay Robertson (book review)

Moose was so sweet when he saw me reading "A Robertson Family Christmas" by Miss Kay Robertson. He thought Miss Kay had given me the book herself and so he wanted to write her a thank you note. So he did and I dug up her address and sent it to her. I hope she enjoys the sweetness of my boy (and Squirt saw Moose do this so he decided to write to Uncle Si - sent that one too; those post office people probably think I'm nuts). My kids also ask frequently to go to the Robertson's house/West Munroe/Louisiana. They think if we go, we'll go to their house. I tried to tell them we didn't know the Robertsons but they insist we do (because we watch the show). Sweet boys.

I wasn't sure what to expect with Miss Kay's book. She's a little nutty on the show (love her dearly!). I was so pleasantly surprised by this book. It's a fiction piece (realistic fiction if you asked my son who is all into knowing specific genres) where a kid, Hunter, is picked to spend Christmas with the Robertson family. If you all live under a rock, the Robertsons are the family that make Duck Commander duck calls and have really made themselves a household name (not to mention, sharing their faith in Jesus Christ on national television) through their reality tv show, Duck Dynasty. I would be psyched to get to spend any time with them, let alone the holidays. I think the kid in this book hit the jackpot. He doesn't think so - he knows nothing of the family or life outside the city.

What an interesting premise to think about: a kid from a broken home goes to spend time with this tight-knit family that is super famous. He thinks they'll be hicks, but something about their authentic attitudes and genuine faith begins to break at his inner wall he's built up. Will the Robertsons be able to show Hunter the real meaning of Christmas? I guess you'll have to read to find out!

I was super pleased with the writing style in this book. Miss Kay did use an underwriter/ghost writer/co-author, Travis Thrasher, so maybe that's why it's so good. I've never read any of his other work. I am telling you though, this book was like watching an episode of Duck Dynasty. I could see it all in my head! The dialogue sounded perfect out of each character.

The thing that struck me most in this book was that, although it's written by Miss Kay, she's not the dominant Robertson character in this book. Her daughter-in-law Korie is (that's Willie's wife). And to have Miss Kay shine such a wonderful look on her DIL is so meaningful to me, who has had such a rough relationship with her mother-in-law. It's so sweet to me that she would write so wonderfully about Korie. Just shows me a real loving relationship could be possible in a daughter-in-law/mother-in-law relationship.

I have some great news to share! I get to GIVE AWAY one (1) copy of A Robertson Family Christmas by Miss Kay Robertson!

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