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Celery Night Fever (Veggie Tales movie review)

Since I'm an adult and don't have the perspective of a child, I thought I'd let my boys tell you what they liked about the movie.
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Squirt said: Bruce Onion having to be forgiven.

Moose said: My favorite part was being forgiven.

Celery Night Fever is about a band, the Groovy Brothers, who were at the top of their game and due to selfishness and unforgiveness broke up. Lanny (Larry the Cucumber) had a granddaughter, Laura (the Carrot), who wanted to save Celery Park, where they used to perform, from Bruce Onion (voiced by Terry Crews). So she got her grandpa to put the band back together.

This Veggie Tales production is about forgiveness. As much as I love the message, I think it was lacking in the biblical perspective I love about Veggie Tales. God wasn't mentioned until the very end of the show and there was no Bible story in this one.

I know Veggie Tales has gone more toward moral stories than biblical stories, but I miss Esther and David and even Jonah. I feel like Veggie Tales is more or less capitalizing on the success of Phil Vischer's original Veggie Tales with catchy songs, cute moral tales, and throwing God in for good measure.

All that said, my kids really enjoyed Celery Night Fever and I see us watching it again. The Groovy Brothers' song is really catchy in it. And my kids caught on to the moral of the story = forgiveness.

Disclaimer: I received this movie in order to write an honest review. Others may or may not share my opinions. 

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Linda said...

Veggietales has never been the same since Phil Vischer stopped being in charge. He's the one making What's In the Bible now and I think that is a more Biblical option.

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