Thursday, January 30, 2014

IEP updates

I had two IEP meetings last week. Now, if you watch Parenthood (as I love to do), I will say that I don't understand why that lady last week was freaking out about IEPs. I don't think they are THAT difficult or scary. But we've worked with a really great school system, so that helps, I guess.

Anyway, the first was for Squirt. They have dismissed him from speech therapy. His speech is not perfect, but it is age appropriate. No, we will not celebrate this for now as I'm not sure how to do that without making it seem like speech therapy is "bad" and we still have one in it, so...yeah. Yay for Squirt!

At this meeting, I was asked if he will attend Kindergarten next year. Answer: about 90% yes. My concerns are from his emotional state; I think he's a little lacking there (and by that he whines - a lot - especially when he doesn't get what he wants now. Yes that's typical of a 4yo but it seems different). Academically, the kid is there. He is smart. Much like Moose at this age. Even reading a bunch of sight words and some other words (Batman, police, hospital). I've thought about many options but still have time to pray and think and decide. All semester to grow, all summer to grow.

Moose's IEP was really positive, too. He's making great strides! Academically he's on top of things, as usual. He's started AR tests and has done relatively well; we'll see how his one tomorrow goes (2nd grade reading level). His last one wasn't so hot because questions continue to be hard for him to answer. He's comprehending the books, I'll say that, but you have to answer the questions and sometimes that's tricky.

Math is coming along really well; so proud of him! Still not his strongest suit but I think on target.

He continues to have a paraprofessional with him through the day (most of the time). This is mostly so they can keep him on task (just a reminder) or for the unknowns. The last time something upset him was in PE - front rolls. He's not the most graceful kid. Tumbling will be hard for him - Big A and I are not flexible people. The times when something upsets him continues to be the biggest concern. He's pinched, hit, yelled, squeezed people (adults and kids) this year. I think it's better but still a concern. They said it's difficult to have a para for him all the time (on paper) but it seems to be the best solution for now.

I just love how much our teachers and staff love the kids at our school. I couldn't ask for a better situation for us. I still think about homeschooling but really feel this is where God has placed us.

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Linda said...

Having teachers and staff who "get it" is a huge blessing and if you have that you have a lot.

You are doing a great job with your kiddos. I'm so thankful for the good special education teachers that we have had to work with in our school. It is a hard thing to deal with our children's learning situations but I'm so thankful that there is help.

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