Friday, November 22, 2013

easy peasy DIY catapult

This morning we had a 10am late start for school due to icy conditions. Squirt asked me to "make the bwown fing [brown thing] that Hawley Quinn [Harley Quinn is the Joker's girlfriend in Batman stuff sometimes] has." Um...what? He showed me a picture in a Lego Batman book of Harley Quinn using a catapult to launch a pie at Batman and Robin.

He loves when I make things. I've been working on a sling for when he wants to be King David. I made one the other day but it doesn't work well. I'm thinking Christmas gift via Etsy.

The catapult was as easy as searching "DIY catapult" on Google. Here's the website I used.

Moose had fun but he really just wanted to eat the marshmallows. And yes, we did eat some but folks, it was 8:30am!

I plan to make some more for partial Christmas gifts. I think these could be hours of fun!

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