Thursday, September 5, 2013

bribery and some other shocking moments from my life this semester and Petite Lemon giveaway WINNER

Moose was having a horrible time at drop off for school these past few weeks. He'd cry, saying "I want to go home!" in the most pathetic/fake/cry voice he could muster. Then he'd have a great day. It was torture for me. In the mornings, I was ready to homeschool. In the afternoons I was thrilled he'd had such a great day (NO behavior problems thus far). What's a mom to do?

Bribe him.

Reward/bribe. Tomato/tomato (doesn't do it justice to type that, huh).

Enter: Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.
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Thank You, Lord for our awesome interloan library system. I can get Wii games as the aforementioned. And I've used this Wii game to trick/bribe/reward Moose for walking into class like a big boy. He can say "I can't wait to come home at 3:00" (and I loved hearing a friend tell me that he was singing this in the hall around lunchtime one day this week), but no whining, crying, or saying he wants to come home (seriously? Does he think I throw a party? I get my house clean! But I love that he loves our home).

So far it's only not worked once or twice. And I'll admit I've given him do-overs on most of the days...until today. I cracked down. No Lego Batman 2 after school today when he cried/whine (it's getting faker each time). Fairly successful.

Today we forgot library books (my brain! On Tuesday, I thought it was Monday so I put him in sandals - on PE DAY. Because it wasn't Monday. Boo) so I nicely took them to his class. I opened the door; his teacher opened it up wider...he saw me. "Can I go home?" and a small burst of tears when I said no. His teacher said he stopped soon after and we agreed I am to take things to the office from now on. Mom fail.

My other shocking news - nope I'm NOT pregnant nor are we moving (over a year in one place! A's been at his job THREE years next month! What?!). I am very seriously contemplating deleting my Facebook page. I am in the process (27 minutes left) of downloading my Facebook information (it's in your general settings area). My biggest problem in getting rid of FB is the people I'd lose contact with - missionaries, my older sister who is in England. And the giveaways I'd miss out on - oh how very silly.

I'm just tired of the time I waste on there. And if I'm not able to have control to be on there once a week or 10 minutes at a time, then I should set up my guardrail to stay away. It is helpful that we got texting now - hello 21st century. But I am just still wasting time, precious time, time with my children on Facebook. It's ridiculous that I'm ignoring my kids (not neglectfully - they're fine, playing Lego Batman ... pretending, not playing a video game which they don't know they could do) when I need to be soaking up this time that I can't get back.

 I just have reservations - like people message me like it's email or texting! So I hate to lose contact but most of those people I could talk to on the phone. It's like people have forgotten about phone CALLS (me included). Why is it so hard to pick up the phone and call? But those who want to get in touch with me can do so through Anthony (although I will not be on his Facebook but word of mouth works) or call or stop by. I love visitors.

Anyway, now this is sucking my time and I need to get to bed. Oh and my children really want to adopt this cat they've named Whiskers who hangs out around our house and the park. Big A says no. I am teetering because it is one of God's creatures and I don't want it to die outside alone but I don't like black cat hair (the hair, not black cats. I had a black cat growing up.) or cat poop. That cat poops in my yard I will be so mad.

Good night.

WINNER of my Petite Lemon alphabet poster giveaway: Sarah. I will contact you about your win!
Thanks to all who enter.

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In Light of the Truth... said...

Good thinking on the Moose bribery! =)

And I am SO with you on the FB thing! I've struggled with it for such a LONG time! I'm taking a month-long break starting Tuesday. It's an amazing way to make connections with people, especially for MOPS purposes and everything, but I absolutely cannot find a balance for myself. Being social is great and necessary, but why have I come to feel like I NEED it every minute of the day or else I feel bored and lonely?! Life should NOT be that way! I can't get MOTIVATED around the house or with anything, and I find myself increasingly IRRITATED at people's "go me" posts. Kids have made phone calls REALLY hard and almost obsolete but email is still very do-able and more personal. And real-life face time is ALWAYS good! =) So a break it is...

happy followers