WIWW: Halftee (review)

Modesty seems to be making a comeback...at least in some circles. I'm thankful for this but until designers realize that's what we women want, it will continue to be difficult to find modest attire. I specifically have a hard time finding modest shorts and modest tops. Well, halftee.com helps me with one of those areas! 

Before I was pregnant with Moose, I had this little half tank top with lace that I constantly wore under everything. My pregnancy left it stretched out and I have been resigned to wear camisoles under shirts to help out my modesty. However, that gets hot sometimes! So I was pleased to find Halftees
They are basically a crop top that ends just below your chest. They don't roll up. They come up to a modest place on your body to help cover up the girls. :) 

I hadn't worn this top at all this summer because it'd be so hot to wear something underneath it. Yay for Halftee giving me my shirt back!!
I decided a navy one would benefit me best. Navy goes with almost everything in my closet. The only thing I've found is with some of my lighter tops, the colors match but you can see where the Halftee stops so it looks silly. But with my other, thicker tops, it has been so helpful.

this is one of those thinner tops that you can see the navy through. In person, it's not nearly as noticeable with this blue, but still works better on thicker tops.
I teach children's church and sometimes I don't notice how a top flows open until I'm bending over to help a kid. Oh dear! Wearing this has been incredibly helpful in those situations. 

I've already recommended this to a few gals by word of mouth, but wanted you readers to know the benefits of this cool invention. I'm planning on buying a few more colors because I really like them and they are reasonably priced - this tank top style is $16.99. Just think of how many tops you don't wear much because they are too low cut; this will open up your wardrobe. 

They also have other styles available: ones with lace, long-sleeved, 3/4 length sleeve, full lace, and styles available for girls. So if you want your daughter to be able to wear tops with modesty, this is an option for you. I just realized Halftees have maternity ones available. That was my whole problem when I was pregnant, I couldn't wear too much because I'd overheat but I hated putting my chest out there!!

Disclaimer: I received a Halftee in order to write an honest review. Others may not share my opinions.


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