Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days of Fitness: Day 6

I am a bookworm. Well, I'm half bookworm, half tv addict. Anyway! I do love to read and when I'm interested in something, I love to read about it. I wanted to share a very small list of books that can help you on your fitness and health journey.

Biggest Loser books
There are a ton! Read 'em. They share insight into exercise, food intake. Everything you see on the show, they help you with. I borrowed several from my aunts when I first got started and I really enjoyed reading them. You'll love them more if you like the show but the information is good.

Are You Ready? - Bob Harper
Yes, Bob is from The Biggest Loser. No, this is a separate book. Bob talks about his life and how to get you going from unhealthy to healthy. I listened to this book and Bob even read the book (I love when authors read their own books). It's very motivating and inspiring.

Born to Run - Christopher McDougall

Run Like a Mother - Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea
You'll love the funny anecdotes that help all of us mother runners relate to one another.

Train Like a Mother - Dimity and SBS
I will be using the Marathon: Finish It plan for my first marathon (hopefully next May). And I'm quoted in this book. Totally sweet.

Eat and Run - Scott Jurek
I've mentioned I only read half this book. It was good; I hope to return to it but I have other books pressing for my time.

Running with Joy - Ryan Hall
I read this book while I was in the Philippines right before my last half marathon where I was gunning for a 2 hour half. I didn't make that goal but after reading this book, I wasn't so down on myself.

Run to Overcome - Meb Keflezighi
Amazing story about Meb's family's flight to the US from Eritrea (in Africa). Really inspiring book.

Other books I haven't read, but I will assume are good (sorry if they aren't)

The Skinny Rules - Bob Harper (I trust Bob)

You Are Your Own Gym -
This one looks great. I love bodyweight movements!

Runner's World Complete Book of Running
I can't remember if I've read this one or not. I think I've at least flipped through it; great for a starter!

Jillian Michaels books
You see a recurring theme? I love The Biggest Loser.

Chi Running
This book is mentioned in several other running books.

Knowledge is power. Learn your body and what to feed it. Learn your exercise and how to do it properly.

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