Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days of Fitness: Day 12

Get a calendar.

I'm not talking about scheduling your workouts, although I've said it time and again how important that is.

Get a calendar to mark down what you have accomplished. I keep track of my workouts (Insanity, run 3 miles, etc), my time (30 minutes or I'm more specific 31:41 for runs), and my weight (NOT daily, not even weekly anymore). I did weigh-in every 2 weeks when I was purposefully losing weight.

I also keep these calendars. I like to remind myself of how far I've come. I started out 193 pounds after Squirt was born. I was down to 179 when I actively started pursuing weight loss at the start of 2010. I was down to 143 in October 2010. My brain can't actively remember these things but I can look back and see!

It's good to pat yourself on the back. Remember, there's always more work to be done but you have done so much for yourself! Smile! Remember!

Lately I've been feeling a little snug in my jeans. I know I've put on a few pounds (5-8) and that's frustrating. I'm doing something about it, though, and I look back to remember what I weighed, what I was doing.

You could even go as far as writing a blurb about how your workout went, how you felt, or a simple :) or :( to help jog your memory.

I think it's important to give yourself props sometimes because a health journey is not stagnant. It's just like life - more rollercoaster than highway.

Be proud of your accomplishments. And then get to work.

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