Tuesday, June 19, 2012

chicken and dumplings

Last Friday, I wanted to try this chicken and dumplings recipe. 
And it's not exactly like I have a free moment to myself often, especially to try new recipes.
So, what's a mother to do?
Let the boys help me make supper!!

although there was slight throwing of flour, Moose is practicing VBS songs.

They, of course, liked the flour the best.
And I really never mind a mess (at least not one that can't be swept or wiped up).

I gave them spatulas and had them lift up the dumplings after I cut them.
I can't say they were beautiful but it did turn out delicious!

How is it the one that joins the party late gets the messiest?
And that one always ends up on the counter?

This child loves to help me.
I can't ask for a better helper.

Daddy took the boys outside to be pounded like erasers (or maybe just wiped).

And I think Casper paid me a visit. 
What sweet little feet.

Do you let your children help in the kitchen?
Did you help in the kitchen growing up?


Jen said...

Those little flour feet are so sweet!

And yes, I always have little helpers in my kitchen.

Kara said...

Yum! What a good Mommy you are!

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