Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WW: Easter egg scavenger hunt

I know, I know, Easter is way over. I'm behind (imagine that!). 
However, I wanted to share this cute idea of an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt I found here (well, really on Pinterest, but you know). I hid eggs in varying spots: where mama cooks, where there is something you put on your foot (shoe), where you put your dirty clothes, in the bathtub. It was really cool to have Moose read the clues and figure them out (he didn't get the shoe one). 

Squirt just liked to spill the eggs. Over and over.

I also found the idea for our carrots on Pinterest (from this blog). They were cool until they fell down. Oh well. Very simple to make, too.

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Matt + Kait said...

You do such a good job getting into the holidays..... :)

In Light of the Truth... said...

cute idea! Was Moose reading the clues himself??

Kara said...

Cool garland. And fun scavenger hunt!! I bet the boys loved it!

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