Thursday, March 29, 2012

birthday pictures!

My birthday was March 23 - thank you, Stacey, for being my only friend to wish me a happy one on  my birthday post. :)  
Anyway, the day was laid back - last official day of spring break for Moose. We got to hang out with our friend M for a few hours. He and Squirt colored some birthday exchange for gummy worms. 

After M went home, me and my boys headed to the park. Upon our return, there was this beautiful pot of flowers on our back doorstep. Thank you, Big A! I love that they aren't just a bouquet but will last awhile.

Squirt: I 'mell your flowers! 
I spent the afternoon baking apple bread (for my book party Saturday), a peach-blueberry pie, and lasagna. We had friends stop by to chat and I invited them to stay for supper. We all ate outside - this weather is so lovely! Then we came back in for some pie. I think it was delicious!

On Saturday, I had my book party/open house. It was a great turnout! Very laid back. The books really sold themselves, which is how it should be! Then my little sister, Pookie, came down to watch my boys so that Big A and I could go on my birthday date.

dress Target, necklace Forever 21 (birthday gift from my friend M), belt from another outfit, tights The Icing, shoes...idk
Big A & I went to Garry Gribbles to look at running shoes - ended up buying a new pair for each of us, a slew of Gu, and a vest for Big A (I don't run at night). 

Then we went to see....The Hunger Games! I loved it, every second of it. Yes, it's different from the book (mostly less details), but they did a superb job with the screenplay. My only downside was sometimes it made my eyes seemed unfocused the way they moved the cameras so fast. But Rue's scene was amazing. I even started to like the boy playing Peeta (just not who I would have cast).

Above are my birthday gifts: running clothes from my big sis, an umbrella from K, shoes, a journal from J, gels, and a slew of cards! So nice to feel so loved.

I am digging the cushy-ness of these sweet kicks! I did try on a pair of Newtons- I want them so badly but $150 is a LOT on shoes so they will wait...until my next pair is needed (hopefully).

In other news, we signed the final contract to a house on Friday. There is still more to come: escrow, appraisals, and a whole bunch of other confusing stuff. But this information has leaked (not that it was really secret, I just was afraid it wouldn't go through so I wasn't allowing myself to get excited...I'm a little excited now) so I thought I'd go public with it. I'll keep you updated.


Stacey said...

Looks like the birthday gifts were all well thought out :) Those shoes look sooo pretty!

And I'm very jealous of your peach blueberry pie! Wanna mail me a slice?

Theresa said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like you had a great day. I love your new hairstyle.

Honey Mommy said...

Happy belated birthday!

Looks like you had a fun one. Sorry I haven't been by lately. We had a busy birthday month ourselves!

I can't wait to see hunger games! I hope to take my hubby soon.

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