Tuesday, February 7, 2012

there's no place like home

A house is made of brick and stone,
A home is made of love alone.

I've read this quote countless times growing up; my mom had it on a picture thing in our house. And it is true, my home is really where my family is, my love. But I can't help but want a house. We've moved so many times that a house would symbolize stability and not moving again (at least not foreseeably).

We've looked at and fallen in love with several houses here in town. Nice ones that wouldn't need a lot of work (which is good because we don't know how to do that). We've also looked at many houses that would need more love than we could provide! I'm not against DIY projects but we would need something safe and readily available for us to move into - no way could we afford a house payment and rent.

Well, it doesn't seem that we can afford a house payment either. We crunched some numbers with a local bank and the outcome was poor. We aren't giving up total hope (mostly) and will look into another bank that some of our friends have recommended.

I just wish it wasn't so frustrating. If you're like me, when you tour a house, you can envision your family there - you have to in order to know if it's for you. But with that comes a sort of attachment. It's hard to see it slip away (especially when it's happened several times).

Be praying for us that God's Will be done (first and foremost) but that hopefully that Will includes us buying a house.


Matt + Kait said...

Be keeping you guys in our prayers Randi. :)

Stacey said...

We own our house, but are not in love with it :) We keep looking and looking, but never quite finding what we need. It's so frustrating! I hope find something soon.

ChickenLittle said...

I'm totally and completely with you on this one Randi! We've been dying for a house too. Almost had our dream one and then the sellers backed out in the end. It really makes you a ball of emotions! Hang in there!!! One day we'll both have that house we've always wanted and deserve! :)

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

I hope you find something. :) I'm very sentimental about our home and I'm going to hate to ever leave!

Keri said...

Oh dear! We just recently moved and I know the torture of looking at homes and loving them- only to have it not work out. Hang in there- your dream home is just around the corner. You deserve it!

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