Monday, January 2, 2012

my first sewing project

I decided yesterday that I wanted to actually make something with my sewing machine. I didn't want to continue to practice making straight seams. I also know that the best way to learn something is to do it, over and over. So I found this link to a 10-minute colored pencil roll on Pinterest.

if anyone knows how to end my stitch lines without having little threads leftover hanging all over, I'd appreciate tips.

my zig zags

all rolled up
Squirt seems to like it. I got these colors so he'd stop eating & breaking his colors (he doesn't eat them often but he does break them a lot). I hope it'll help when we travel. I'm also hoping to make a similar thing for Moose's cars (and probably one for Squirt's cars too).


Vickie said...

Congratulations, Randi!!! So proud of you! :)

Gussy Sews said...

yay! look at you go! great job with your crayon roll project!!!

do you backstitch when you start & stop? that should help with the extra strands ~ be sure to snip them close to the fabric, too :]

xoxo, gussy

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

Way to go!! Looks great!

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

looks awesome, I love to see how people interpret my tutorials.
I'm sure once you get the hang of it you'll get it made in 10min flat.

Practice is the best way to learn
x cinti

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