Monday, June 6, 2011

summer resolutions

We try to be relaxed during the summer (and we're pretty relaxed in fall, winter, & spring, too), especially as far as our schedules are concerned. However, I do have some resolutions:

1. go to the pool at least 3 times (we've gone a total of 0 times the past 2 summers).
2. read at least 3 books a month (for myself).
3. try to keep tv time for the boys <1 hour a day plus 1 full-length film per week (except during long travel times in the van).
4. keep Moose up at least one night to stargaze and look at fireflies.
5. take 1 nap a week (for me).
6. do at least 15 minutes of school stuff with Moose 3-4 days a week.
7. try to teach Squirt 3 colors (red, blue, yellow).
8. find a sitter for July 16 so Big A & I can go to a wedding by ourselves.
9. take Moose to his first movie = Cars 2 (are you surprised?).
10. throw a pretty sweet birthday party for my boys!

What do you want to get done this summer?


EmmaP said...

I was actually thinking that if I purchased a family pass to the pool for the summer I'd be more inclined to take the kids!

Shell said...

Sounds like a good summer!

I'm trying to figure out all I want my boys to do this summer.

... said...

Didn't you guys just go to the pool? You're a third of the way there!! :)

Love that you've got stargazing and fireflies on the list, too. :)


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Hey there--today is the last day for the Autism Run that I did. Check out to do it!!

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