Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Meanderings (2/7/11)

Bible Study... I have the first chapter of Breaking Free that I think I'll start on. Then I do have Sally Clarkson's Mission of Motherhood that I borrowed from the I'd like to start that before it has to be returned. :D

Memory Verse... I don't have a verse but want to go back over the verses that were in our sermon at church yesterday

Husband Encouragement...
♥ Laundry folded & put away
♥ Supper made or mostly made every night this week before I go to the gym
♥ Go over his Bible study together

Train Them Up...
* Get a Signing Time! video for Squirt to learn more signs (and hopefully say more words)
* Watch the school Signing Time DVD with Moose 1-2 more times before taking it back
* PLAY with them.
* start working 3-4 times a week on Moose's speech stuff

Personal Goals...
* Get my miles in
* not much else this week 

New Habit of the Month... 
* Get meals mostly ready for Big A during the week so when he gets home, I can head to the gym and he can still play with the kids instead of cooking

MUST Do... 
* write a reference letter for some friends
* check out other health insurance options for me
* read my Bible!

* pick up the kids' clutter & shove it back in their play room :D
Menu -

M - deer bologna (so tired of this but we have so much of it)
T - burgers & fries
W - chicken something or another
Th -pasta of some kind
F - probably deer bologna
S - ??
S - ??

* Story time today with Squirt at our local library.
* Putting together a sensory tub for the boys
* MOPS (at my new MOPS group) tomorrow (re-scheduled)
* Make a social story for Squirt for MOPS

3 things I'm thankful for today... 
1. Being able to talk truthfully with my husband about our future
2. One-on-one time with Squirt
3. A wonderful preschool staff for Moose

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Meredith said...

Great post. :)

I have never heard of Sally Clarkson's bible studies before.
Have you done one before? Let me know what you think!

I love Beth Moore. I just did Esther, and it rocked my world!!

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