Friday, January 28, 2011

Boys in Motion: fix it!

Moose has a new-ish Thomas the Tank Engine set
he plays with daily (you bet!).

The trains are old but one is new
of course, that's Thomas and he is blue.

The trains sometimes fall off the track
Moose used to get upset, he'd crack!

Now he puts them on without help
he does not scream or even yelp.

The trees are a different tale;
they fall over and he'll yell.

My heart breaks when he calls out
his face twisted into a pout.

I want to help, to fix it for him.
but I cannot go out on that limb.

He needs to learn to do it alone
I won't always be there to pick up the phone.

My heart breaks as he asks for my assistance
whether fixing the train or putting on pants.

Makes me wonder if that's how God may feel,
like He wants to drive behind the wheel.
There are lessons to be learned
even when His help is yearned.

I wonder if His heart does break
with all the hard knocks we sometimes take.

But as I've learned with my own son
often it's worth it when it's done.


DevotionMama said...

Cute! My boys have those same tracks and the same trees. I think the trees got lost at the bottom of the toy box and that may be a good thing ;D

Gledwood said...

Do you know I still remember being able to put up building blocks and look at them and think they were a forest of trees (I loved woods and forests when I was little; still do)...

... I'm off "that" on the govt. version.

Had 2 mental breakdowns in 2 months (seriously) blogged the last one last week so beware if I sound strange esp. at mine it's that, not me being stupid.

Hope all's fine & dandy at yours. I love the poem. What would it be for girls, I wonder..?!

I hope I'm not being personal but would you like a little girl if you could have one? If I had kids I'd want girls and boys...


Jessica Heights said...

This is so cute!

Emma said...


Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

It looks to me that Moose does have a great imagination, maybe not in princesses and fairytales, but tank engines and steam locomotives?

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