Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WIWW: Treasure Darling review

 I did not do a good job of photographing my outfits this past week; in fact, I only caught one outfit on film (does that still apply when it's digital?). However, it was my favorite outfit of the week - perhaps because of the little budded beauty pinned on!

I received this off-white satin fabric flower brooch from treasure darling Etsy shop. This flower caught my eye when I was browsing Etsy and just said "simply elegant." Connie was so great to work with - this little off-white beaut is a wonderful addition to any woman's wardrobe. The best thing about it? Connie uses NO patterns - all flowers are handmade and are just a bit different from one another. No one else will have your exact flower brooch - making your outfit totally unique.

 I wanted to show you the back - the little details. You can see that the pin is stitched securely on the backing - an extra piece of material right under it to ensure its quality. And really, my boys have been enamored with this brooch so it's been man-handled (boy-handled) a lot and it's taken well to the beating.

With the holidays coming up, I know many of you will be enjoying celebrations and parties with families and friends. I think this little brooch would be the perfect touch to your cocktail dress or cute outfit. The right touch of feminine and elegant. Now spending $32 on a flowered brooch may seem a bit much for some of you, but I can assure you that you will wear it often. I've been trying to somehow wear mine in my hair (although I have no hair expertise so I'm having little luck) - but I do wear it with many outfits. I have a lot of plain shirts that this brooch dresses up really nicely. I appreciate something that works overtime: I don't spend a lot of time planning what I'm going to wear but when I put this little finishing touch on, it makes it seem much more planned out and put together.

Treasure darling is not just a handmade shop; Connie also stocks some vintage pieces. Like these very Madonna-like white lace gloves:
Pair those with these Vintage 80s Prima Royale Floral Print Lace High Tops:
Connie & I were reminiscing how the 80s wasn't so long ago but now you can find some fantastic vintage pieces on her Etsy shop. I think that's a great idea for anyone who has ever nodded his or her head to "you were born in the 80s if..."

Connie also makes some fantastic pieces (as shown in my brooch). The best thing about her shop is that there is a price range for everyone and an item for every woman. Little accessories are so important to piece together an outfit. I appreciate small details that help me look like I know something about fashion (when in fact, I don't). Like this print fabric rosette necklace with vintage beads:
Treasure darling also has an assortment of small fabric rosette hair clips, barrettes, and pony tail holders. Again something that just gives your outfit a little bit of a statement piece. I like these pink hair clips (I love dainty, little pink things).

Please visit treasure darling on Etsy for more of your shopping needs! Perfect for the girl or woman who likes to look their best!

Disclaimer: I received the flower brooch in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) I had with the company and/or product.


Anonymous said...

Cute stuff!

Holly said...

The flower pin is gorgeous--you'll be able to wear that with lots of different outfits and it will make them POP.

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