Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cute Kid Contest: Squirt edition

Here's the thing: both you and I know that Squirt is a cute baby. I happen to know more than that: I know he is THE cutest baby. However, I'm not writing the post today. Squirt is and wanted to tell you why he should win the Cute Kid Contest hosted by Freckles & Fudge and Unexpected Surprises

Hiiiiii. My name is Squirt. I am 16 months old so I was born back in the day; you know, July 10, 2009. Seems like so long ago and just like yesterday at the same time. It's amazing, this time stuff.

Apparently we're here disputing who the cutest kid is 
and I am here to reassure you that 
I am totally the cutest kid. 
Check it out:

I'm big! Everyone thinks big kids are cute. Although I'm not the chunky monkey type but more the stretched out squirmy wormy type (at least that's what my mom says...I think that's corny). 
But anyway, I'm so big, 
I can climb buildings! 
Kind of like Superman but he leaps them. 
I just sit on 'em.

I can even climb on the couch all by myself!
I'm fashionable. Chicks dig guys who can dress well. I frequently sport vests and ties, even on days when I'm not even going to play outside! A big plus to dressing so awesomely is that I dance just as well! Not even Stewie, that cartoon baby, can dance like me. He may have the accent but I have the moves.
It's like that movie, Hitch, where Will Smith teaches the King of Queens guy to dance.

Everyone knows that accessories are the key to being cute and fashionable, even for a boy. Besides the sweet vests and ties I wear, I also rock a blankie and a pacifier. It's a hard look to pull off; it's a lot of accessory. But I'm pretty sure I look even more handsome than my old man. 

double points for carrying the sippy cup of milk around too! No spillage!
Even my cry face is adorable, my mom told me so! 

There you have it ladies and gentlemen: 
undeniable photographic proof of just how 
stinking cute I really am. 

Sorry kids, I have this one in the bag! No further applications are necessary.Bwa-ha-ha

If you think you have indisputable photographic evidence that your kid is cuter than mine 
(like my big brother thinks he is), 
to enter your kid in their cute kid contest.


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Brittany said...

Love it! Thanks for playing along!

Good luck squirt! You are totaly adorable! I def dig you :)

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