Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cute Kid Contest: Moose edition

I couldn't deny Moose's request to join in the cute kid contest - those baby blues are about as cute as they come! Here are his words as to why he should win the contest hosted by Freckles & Fudge and Unexpected Surprises.

Hi! My name is Moose and I'm 3 years old. Everyone knows that little brothers are pretty cute and so is mine. But big brothers are cute, too! Quite possibly even cuter than their mini-mes.

I think that too often it's the nice guys who come in last. I'm one of those nice guys (so is my dad). I think that "cute" should encompass a person's inside as well as outside. I take care of myself. I work out: I love to run, do push-ups with my daddy, swing, and yoga with my mama.

I'm a pretty good baker (which is good because I also like to eat what I bake). 

My dad has shown me that taking care of myself includes where I live and lay.
To that effect, I also like to tidy up and help make beds.

Ok so those aren't physical "cute" things but I have some of those to offer too! 
My mom helps me take care of my teeth so I have a really great smile. 
Look at these pearly whites!
I also happened to inherit my dad's great eyes:
blue with long, dark lashes 
(don't be jealous ladies, I'd look silly in mascara).

With the taking care of myself, I've gained quite the muscular package! 
Anyone want tickets to the gun show?

perhaps this are costume-enhanced muscles, but who else can pull them off so well?

I'm not nearly as fashionable as my brother. 
I prefer comfy sweats and t-shirts over ties and vests (he's such a preppy!),
but I will say that I look pretty darn good in a nightshirt
(that is perhaps my aunt's old t-shirt).

The best thing about a cute big brother?
We are awesome at sharing (sometimes).
Doesn't it just make you want to say "awww"?

So while traditionally, the little brothers are the cutie pies, I think it's time for a big brother to shine. 
Not only are big brothers good at taking care of ourselves & sharing, we look good doing it!!

Have a cute big brother (or other cute kid)? Join in the contest at Freckles & Fudge and Unexpected Surprises.


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Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

What an adorable post! I just went over and did not see Moose on the list...but I did vote for Squirt. They are both so darn adorable!

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