Friday, November 19, 2010

Boys in Motion: Moose

 For this week's Boys in Motion post, I wanted to share Moose with you. This kid is not one that is ALWAYS in motion, but when he is, watch out! He's a fireball just bursting at the seams with energy.

Much of his day is spent playing with small cars or trains, so it seems his energy is stored up for outside play or athletics. He is our athlete - he's always loved footballs, basketballs, volleyballs  - all of them. Last week, he found a volleyball our niece left here .... and decided it would be best put to use as a soccer ball. In the third picture, he is actually trying to dribble it like a basketball - it was adorable and I wish I'd have caught it on video. But the thing about boys in motion is that sometimes the motion is gone as quickly as it came.

Moose is my sweetheart - my mama's boy (although Squirt is in that stage, too). He loves his mama but I see the times a'changing as he clings more to his daddy. The good thing is that he will be able to do many things a lot of boys or men don't know how to do: change a tire as well as bake a cake, make a bed as well as change the oil, fix a fence as well as sweep floors. My boys are being taught well to take care of themselves and their future wives (lucky wives!). Case in point - helping Big A make our big bed.

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