Tuesday, October 5, 2010

semi-stream of concious

Sorry I've been MIA this week. Last Saturday, the 5K run/walk and 1 mile walk I've been on a committee for finally happened. We've been planning for months (there is a LOT of planning in races, ladies and gents, let me tell you. And this was a small affair; I can't imagine the big ones). I'm glad it's over. I'm glad it was a success (I have yet to see how we did financially but we had a good turn out of 50-60 people).
After that, I've just kind of been in a funk as far as blogging is going. I don't have anything profound to say (or if I do, I'm having a hard time putting it into well-written words). That's why all the pictures of my boys as of late (not that I'm sure you mind; they are handsome little fellas). I need to write down some blogging ideas. I have one in mind...I'd like to feature different SAHM (or former SAHM) to see their thoughts on staying home. I have a questionnaire but I'm not sure if it's complete. That being said, if you would like to be featured email me randi_lynn137 (at) hotmail (dot) com. I'd like to start this feature soon because it's a really important topic to me (you know, being a SAHM).
I also have a running skirt review coming up. I wore my skirt on today's run and plan to on tomorrow's, too. I should have a giveaway coming up and a few other reviews, too. Felt good to run today, even if it was COLD! Need a tight running top and long socks. Brrr...don't want to run on the treadmill, but I'm thinking I may be too big of a wuss for polar bear running.
I'm re-reading Twilight...so that's taken up some of my time. LOL of course. It's taking me longer to get through it this time; mostly because I'm savoring it. I know how it ends obviously but this time around, the same feelings are there. It's just so well-written. Would rather be reading Mockingjay (not that one is better than the other, I just haven't read Mockingjay), but our library is...small, to say the least. I'm surprised they have the Twilight series.
I did make a Facebook page for my dear little blog here - please "like" it. A big thank you to my friend, Erin, who helped me make the page (sometimes I can't figure Facebook out).
Today was a productive day. I cleaned both of our bathrooms (top to bottom - yes, toilets, too). 2 loads of laundry (which I should have split into 3). Moose worked with his awesome speech pathologist - and did so well. He worked with her for 45 minutes! We've moved from working on S to F (fun, fist, fishing). He tries so hard; it's great to see. Also learned in the past few days that a house we're looking at is right across the street from her. Cool.
We had a playdate with my SIL, her twins & nephew (1 and 3 1/2), Big A's cousin & her son (1). That was nice...a lot of banal chatter though. Can I just say that I love my niece and nephew?! They are CUTE and so sweet! Squirt did well - only stole a few toys. I had to save the cousin's son twice - stuck a ball in his mouth both times. Kids. lol Moose had a few tantrums but it was so nice, I didn't feel awkward. I just dealt with them the best I could. A good moment for me.
I cooked dinner, went grocery shopping (for staples), read a few chapters, read some stories to the boys, played outside with them, and finished my night with House. Oh Hugh Laurie, I love you!
I read "Will You Carry Me?" to Moose tonight. I love this book. It's an Usborne book - check them out. My friend sells the books; I wish I had the whole catalog. Seriously.
Still thinking about Halloween. I really want to dress up as Wonder Woman (sans the skirt). I don't have a red strapless to wear...I'm thinking a red t-shirt would do...I just don't have either. I only have one red shirt and it's a Husker shirt. Money is just tight so even a shirt is something big to think about.
I'm also dying for a hair cut. Anyone want to cut my hair? It's driving me insane! I'm tired of my long pony tail and split ends...ugh.
Going back to my parents' soon. My older sister is getting deployed (again). She's never told me about her time overseas...or much about her military life at all. Is that normal? I always hate when she's overseas; not that I see her all the time now but it just seems so much safer here. My little sister broke up with her boyfriend - not surprised. She's in college, he's in high school. Very rarely does that work out. I sympathize with her, I do. But hindsight has taught me a few things about relationships like that - like, it's better to wait for a mature guy who will sweep you off your feet...and keep doing it 6 years later. Or maybe I'm just lucky (pretty sure it's that one).
Anyway, sorry for all the randomness. I just wanted to tell you that I'm here and have a lot going on, but nothing I can really put into a coherent message. Hopefully...this was coherent enough?


Rae said...

I can't wait for your running skirt review!

I hot the Kool Kids Legs the other day! So cute!

Studied to be a Mommy said...

I just started reading The Hunger Games (the first book in the Mockinjay series) and I LOVE it so far! Our library is tiny too, though, so I don't know how I will cope when I finish this one because I don't think I'm going to be able to go out and buy the other two. Especially in hardback. *sigh*

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