Saturday, September 25, 2010


Since Squirt's birth, I have mostly heard how different he is from Moose. I beg to differ. I know they aren't twins, but there are some striking similarities. You know they are brothers.

What do you think? Do your children look alike? Do you look like your siblings? Does your pet look like you (I think that's weird but it happens!)?

PS: Tomorrow's the big day! Our half marathon is FINALLY HERE! Be praying for/thinking about us around 7AM (central time) tomorrow. Go S (Run) Club!


The Jogger Blogger said...

Good luck on your half tomorrow-you'll do great! And most importantly-have fun!

Gledwood said...

People used to ask whether me and my brother weren't twins. Even though I'm 2 years older... dur!
We looked about as similar as Squirt and Moose, to be honest...

Hey I hope all is well with you. Sorry I've not been able to go visiting since a goblin stole my mobile broadband chip from the dongle, and was reduced to half hour sessions at the internet cafe instead. I got a new card yesterday, so everything's back to normal. Hurrah!

Beana said...

Oh boy, I could write a book on this one! I have three siblings and we don't look that much alike--but we have a lot of familial resemblance--like our noses! So many of our mannerisms and vocalizations are similar though.

My 3 daughters are pretty different looking too--they are 1/4 hispanic and each portrays it differently. I worry sometimes about how people point out their differences in comparison to me and to each other.

I think it's cool to see how genetics work though!

Honey Mommy said...

That's so funny! People tell me my boys look like twins, which cracks me up. They do look like brothers, but there are definitely differences!

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