Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My First Tot Book

1+1+1=1 has become a frequent stop in my home school curriculum quest. She did not invent lap books/tot books (not that I'm aware of) but she made it easy for me (and you) to make them for our own kids. I honestly have downloaded almost every printable she has for tot books.

I am taking pre-school very slowly this year. Speech therapy starts this week for Moose and I'd love to potty train him before he's 4. Those are honestly my main goals. He knows shapes, numbers, letters, and colors - BUT I also don't want him to not use them and forget. That is where tot books come in to play.

So I made him a Veggie Tales tot book! He loves Bob and Larry. We have a few VT videos and one VT book so he is well acquainted. I thought this was a good first attempt. I didn't have card stock yet or even the "right" folders (the ones I wanted), so I just used a normal folder (on sale due to back to school) and printer paper.

one thing I like about the pockets is I can put coloring pages in there without paper clips

we had an extra printable so I thought a verse was appropriate

this has little printables you can write your child's name on

I love that this enforces colors and then he can identify his VT "friends" too

sorry for the sideways picture - this shows the veggies in different shapes

This is my favorite part of the book. It shows veggies ON the table or IN the tree or BEHIND something else. This is an area that Moose definitely needs to work on.

Tot Books & Packs


In Light of the Truth... said...

Cute! You're doing a great job! That's a great website too, by the way! I don't go there nearly enough!!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Okay so I'm going to start doing these, particularly with Hannah. I did get just cheap folders at walmart tonight but are most of them made with file folders with the sides folded again??

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