Thursday, July 29, 2010


My boys eat two snacks per day. I'll be honest, they eat a lot of crackers. Ritz, goldfish, graham, saltine.

Frankly, I know it's probably not good for them to eat that many crackers. They don't need that many carbs in a day (I'm not trying to put them on a diet or anything but I do want them to eat healthily).

So here's my question: what do your kids have for snacks?

Do you know any healthy, cheap, and easy snack ideas (preferably ones I don't have to feed the baby)?


Heather said...

My boys love cheese sticks of any kind (string cheese or cheddar). I also give them apples or pears sliced. They sometimes are in the mood for raisins (plain or yogurt covered). Trail mix is another one they like.

Rae said...

My kids like crackers too. We also do animal crackers, pretzels, cheese sticks, yogurt, and fruit.

Theresa said...

Some of our favorites are apples with peanut butter (as long as there are no allergies!), grapes, string cheese, go-gurts without artifical color- we like to freeze them, natural cereal or granola bars. Frozen bananas are really good too. You just slice them up and put them into a ziploc. I love them when I am looking for something cold and sweet.

Rion said...

My kid enjoys Skitty snacks and pieces of ham. Unfortunately, she is a cat! :) But she really does love ham and I think ham is something that could make a yummy snack if you rolled it up with a cracker.. that way you can use half of the crackers you'd normally give them!

Erin said...

You know what my boys love...sliced apples with carmel for dipping. Okay so they get some carmel...but they are eating APPLES!!! =)

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

My girls love fruit! I usually cut up lots of fruit for them and put it on a plate for them to share. They also like raisins, trail mix and also smoothies. I add oatmeal to their smoothies to give it more substance. It fills their tummies up.

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