Tuesday, July 6, 2010

have you ever...

...taken a nap only to not be able to sleep at night, completely defeating the purpose of the nap?

...kept your toes (or fingernails) painted the same color for months?

...tried to set up a play date only to have the mom blow you off (by saying that life was hectic at the time)? realized she has had several play dates with others since then? wondered why?

...left a reception because you were tired of your child not listening to you?

...lost weight to fit into clothes only to need new clothes once they were too big?

...ran 7 miles?

...wished a friend lived much closer only to realize it wouldn't make a difference?

...wished a friend lived closer because it would?

...known that you have the best husband?

...secretly wished someone would "discover" your kids because of how stinking cute they are?

...realized that you love going to church?

...felt like Sunday School was a date for you and your husband?

...been amazed at how a few days with a tee can improve a 3-year-old's swing?

...waited and waited for your son to say "mama" only to wait so long you'd settle for "cookie"?

...wondered if  you'd ever have an actual date night with your husband ever again?

...prayed for accountability?

...wondered if your body is normal? realized that it probably is?

...prayed for a Bible study group?

...procrastinated? More than once a day?

...wanted to live in a bigger city? like New York big?

...wanted to live in the country? and have farm animals?

...simultaneously wanted to travel the world and plant roots?

...written a random post like this?


Theresa said...

Never written a random post (not yet anyway), but can say yes to lots of the things you wrote. Fun post!

Gledwood said...

I've done better!
I've written a pop song!!
Yes, I'm launching a career as a rock star... and I desperately need your supportive advice on any improvements to my highly original lyrics... please drop by and comment. Flattery is always appreciated
+ having read it, tell me who you think should perform the song. (Don't say Michelle Obama)!

Anonymous said...

hey darling. i like this post. I hate knowing that I'm part of the post. i just suck, but we've been over this. feel free to friend-dump me anytime you're sick of my lacking friendship skills.

anyway i love you and just wanted to tell you that. :) Kisses!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I have wondered about many of those things...great list!

Erin said...

Ohhh I love random posts! I think you can learn a lot from them!

Cherie said...

I love this post. Makes me think!!

Tiaras said...

all those and more!!

happy followers