Monday, May 17, 2010


My apologies for the lack of posts so far this week. I feel like it's been forever since I posted (although I do realize that it was only last Thursday).

Sunday was my first 5 mile run. I even ran it on the treadmill (only stopping once for a potty break)!

I've been busy helping Big A enter the world of loving Lord of the Rings. We're all the way through the first and partway into the second. He likes them. He is just very hesitant to watch new (very very long) movies. He's weird.

I had my book party last Saturday. A few wonderful ladies showed up and I think we had a good time. Next time though, I need to shove cupcakes in their faces because only one ate one! tsk tsk who passes up a good cupcake? LOL I will post pictures whenever I stop being too lazy to upload pictures onto the computer. They turned out darling and I finally got to use my cupcake stand.

Prayers are needed for my family. I don't think I ever got back with you about my mom's test - everything came back alright. Praise God! It sounds like this is going to be a summer of head-butting at their house - my parents really want my sister to get a job. Problem is she's never had a job (besides detasseling) and there aren't a lot of jobs readily available for summer employment where they're from. Part of it is that she's been handed a very good portion of her life on a silver platter (maybe not so silver from some people's POV but still) - never had to really work, cell phone, car (even if not the one she wants). We always had to pay for our cars except for the short few months I drove my dad's old truck because it was the only vehicle available to drive at the time (and I used it to work at my jobs and go to school until it died on my around Thanksgiving my freshman year of college). We never had cell phones until we bought them (by "we" I mean my older sister and I) - which meant I didn't have one 4 hours away from home at college until I married Big A. I just know it's going to be a lot of fights (more than normal) and I pray they all can manage to get through the summer.

Otherwise, nothing has been abnormal around here lately.

I've been thinking of starting potty training with Moose. I don't know if he's ready; he doesn't communicate well (which may be the first thing we need). He did tell me today "mama I poopied" in the store but he hadn't pooped (maybe he peed?). I don't think he realizes when he goes #1 or #2 honestly - and that may be the diaper. Maybe if I put him in underwear, then he'd realize. I'd like to get some of those plastic covers for them but I'm not sure if we have the money to do it. I also don't know when to set him on the potty, how often, do you wake him in the middle of a nap, do you put him in a Pull Up at nap and bedtime, do you wake him at night? I am just clueless so if you have any advice, I'm open (not saying I'll use it but I'll consider it).

I'm waiting for a phone call so I'm going to go back to LOTR now. :D

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Studying to be a Mommy said...

So I haven't had to do it myself yet, but the successful potty trainers I know have done something like the following... For a couple of days take him to the potty about every half hour to an hour. If he poops or pees on the potty he gets a prize (M&M, marshmellow, sticker, whatever he will get excited about). During these couple of days you could put him in underwear or keep him in a diaper, as long as you stick to taking him to the potty. Use a Pull-up during nap time and bedtime until you think he will be able to hold it. Eventually with the prizes and your excitement, he'll get the idea.

Like I said... we are still a few months away from this, but I have seen this work for most kids I know, so I bet it would work for Moose too! Good luck!!

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