Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

The morning started out by cuddling with my youngest in bed (well, more sleeping than cuddling but you know it was cozy).

We exchanged coupons (provided by my MOPS) we had filled out for one another. Moose got a small box of chocolates and we bought a large one for ourselves. I also broke out the Text-and-Learn I won from Dee just before Christmas (I was saving it for his birthday...but couldn't hold out that long). *He LOVES it!*

Poor Squirt got jipped this Valentine's Day. Not only did he not get any chocolate or cards...nothing, the poor guy ran a fever most of the day. He slept most of the morning; only had about an ounce of formula before church. During church, he slept most of it. While holding him as he was crabby, I noticed he was running a fever. At home it topped out at 102.6. After some Tylenol and more (and more and more) sleep, it was down in the lower 100s and 90s. He ate maybe close to a jar of food and about 6 ounces of water (tinged with juice). Right now, he's asleep again. Even a bath didn't make his day! I hope he feels better tomorrow.

I'm feeling worn down. I haven't worked out since Friday - and I think that's partially why I'm so tired. I ate too much crap (chocolate, ice cream, cake, blah blah) this weekend and my tummy is feeling that. I'm ready to be back into my work out mode!

I wouldn't say this was the best Valentine's Day ever but it was alright. Lots of movies (Princess Bride, Million Dollar Baby, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and family time (as Moose took a 10 minute nap on the way to church and, therefore, didn't take his usual afternoon nap).

I hope you all had a lovely day full of love!


Cheryl said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Alicia said...

oh man!! i hope the little man is feeling better!! my kids were absolute crabs this weekend....i don't know what it was, but they sure were in a mood!! and i feel ya on the work out mode...i didn't work out all weekend and i feel so gross! back to the gym tomorrow!! have a great week doll :)

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