Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tidbit tuesday

i meant to get up at 6am to workout; my hubby took care of the kids and didn't wake me until 7. it's days like this i wonder why i ever get mad at him; too many men wouldn't do that.

the baby is almost sitting up and almost crawling. it's going to be a big deal when he does; we've been waiting patiently for a few months now. we've finally realized (after 7 months) that he enjoys his formula warm. #1 parents, right? he is still in love with his older brother - although sometimes i think he's in love with his hair. we've started to tell him no; even moose tells him "no pull hair." he's mischievous, that's for certain. his smile can light up a room while his wail could set off a stampede.

moose has grown up so fast in the past year. i was checking out old pictures of him and remembering what he was like, what he sounded like, just a year ago. while so much of him is still very baby-ish, he has grown up. i love when he helps me around the house: dishes, laundry, putting stuff back in the fridge, or picking up his toys. even if his "help" makes a chore take longer, it's 100 times more fun with him in tow. we were dancing in the kitchen yesterday; that makes me so happy. he's a pretty good dancer for a kid haha and he entertained his brother while i made some baby food.

i don't think i'm used to this small town living yet. weird after 20 years of living in a smaller town. i wish we knew our neighbors. i said hi to one couple that lives next door; they just said hi and walked in their house. oh well. i guess small towns are the communities of olden days.

i hope it stops snowing someday. it'd be nice to go to the park less than a block away. or nice to have friends in to playdates more often. i pretty much have 2 friends down here (so an improvement on our previous town). i see one twice a week at aerobics and we talk on the phone. i wish i saw more of the other; she's a busy lady for sure though. which reminds me i need to set up a play date with her & her kids. was supposed to happen last week but the ear infection put a cork in those plans.

anyway, the baby thinks he needs fed. gosh, why does he have to be such a baby? haha jk


Mayhem and Moxie said...

Ha! I couldn't agree more. Kids really do need to learn to fend for themselves. It would make my life a ton easier too! :)

EmmaP said...

i miss small town living. i do love my neighborhood though. it's about 4 or 5 blocks and I've lived here 7 years now, and know more than half within a 3-4 block radius. it feels "smallish", y'know?

Anyway, you sound like you're in a great mood today... :)

Muthering Heights said...

My son likes to have a warm bottle as well....boys are so picky!! :P

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