Tuesday, February 9, 2010

fine, you win

I did it. I left the kids in the nursery/play area for MOPS today. They didn't die (ok I knew they wouldn't die...).

Moose actually did fairly well. I heard him intermittently screaming out for me/crying. I almost got him (actually went to get him), but I saw he was (at that time) playing very nicely.

I do need to remember to go get him right away when we end so he doesn't think all the other mommies are coming to get their kids but he's stuck there.

I had a good time at MOPS. There were quite a few new faces (and plenty of friendly "old" ones - not that they're old but that I already know them...not that I remember all of their names either).

The theme was "get your orbit on" (i.e. romance). I think one thing I really need to work on is respecting Big A in the little things. For example, this morning I got on him about not following the "schedule" of food I have for the baby (trying to stretch our food a little with some rice cereal). It shouldn't have been a big deal. Lately I've just been getting worked up over little things.

We had a discussion on how we teach our children to love and how can we put our husbands first. I think the most important thing is respecting our husbands, not bad-mouthing, etc. But also if you have an argument (like we do - gasp), show the kids how to healthily resolve it. Have a grown up argument rather than a tantrum or name-calling. Say you're sorry. Kiss and make up. And then one thing we do around here (most of the time) to make sure we put one another first is that when Big A gets home, I get the first hug or kiss. I also (usually) go to bed at the same time (Kathy, my husband has also made me 80 years old because he's in bed around 9:30). Whether I read or go right to sleep, I'm there with him. That has made a huge difference in our marriage.


It has been brought to my attention that I've possibly offended one of my friends via my post about bras. Apparently, we had just hung out and then I wrote this. To that friend, I was not talking about you! Promise. :)
If I ever offend anyone on my blog, it's not on purpose. When I vent, I try to not make it about people (I have a written journal for those). I know sometimes I may share things that others wouldn't on here but I don't want to be fake. I want my friends (bloggy and real-life) to know me. I don't want to personify someone online other than who I am offline.

I try to come off here just as I am in real life: a Christian, a wife, a mom, a friend who sometimes struggles with life and other issues but tries really hard to be a good person and one that her Lord is proud of.


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I am glad you enjoyed yourself at MOPS. You bring up some good points. We always need to remember that our marriage is the foundation of our family and having a good marriage does not come natural (at least not to most couples) we need to work at it!

Vicki said...

Good for you for leaving the boys! It can be hard, but they get used to it...sooner or later. I say that and my youngest still cries when we leave her at church. It's just habit for her now because she quits the second we walk away.

EmmaP said...

that is great that they did so well!

Shannon said...

hey! congrats on the nursery adventure!
my days off are monday and tuesday and i can't even tell you my sleeping habits because it just go to sleep when i feel tired...which could be anytime thanks to my messed up biology. ;) but definitely call me...or i'll try to remember to call you and we can set something up! maybe we can go to the paint place here in town?

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