Sunday, October 18, 2009

wear a bra, dang it!


Before you break the proverbial glass ceiling(s), befriend a bra. Not just any bra, but a well-fitting bra (may I suggest a Victoria's Secret bra fitting). I am haunted by years of living with a mother who would have burned bras if she'd been old enough in the '60s. When she wore a bra, it was one with only the sheer cup and underwire. Underwire is not the only support you need (especially if you are a B or larger cup).

I was watching something not terribly long ago and they were doing bra fittings (probably Rachel Ray or GMA or something). The lady said that an ill-fitting bra can add at least 10 pounds to your body. I pondered that thought.
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It makes total sense! They are droppy if you have an ill-fitting bra. They sit too close to your stomach when there should be some inches between the most prominent part of each body part. I know that when I wear my ill-fitting sports bras, I look much heavier than when I wear my wonder bra from Victoria's Secret (can't remember what bra it is but I put it on and it's $42 worth of heaven). This is true, whether you're in high school, college, motherhood (pregnant or not), workinghood (??), or grandmotherhood status in your life.

I have a pretty good friend who just looks much heavier than she is because she wears an ill-fitting bra and her chest is too close to her stomach. It bugs me. I see women in Wal-mart parking lots whose stomachs are touching the top of their chests. It bugs me. I go home and I'm lucky (my poor husband) if my mother is wearing a bra (not that it matters if she does because her's suck). It bugs me (and makes me want to vomit).

Please, I know money is tight. But THROW AWAY THE CRAP-TASTIC BRAS! Go find one that fits - no matter where it's from (Victoria's, Wal-mart, JC Penneys, KMart, whatever). I do encourage you to get fitted by a professional (don't do it yourself, you'll screw it up - that's like a 17 yo trying to fit himself for a tux for prom). Then cut some coupons to save on something else so you can invest in just one bra, one well-fitting bra that may just make you look thinner.

Thank you.

Edit: this was brought to my attention by my friend, Kathy. Please read it. I've never thought of wearing a bra as a freedom - but it is. Somali women beat for wearing bras.


Becky D said... crack me up! I agree with you though, completely!

Your cool friend Cheryl said...

I totally agree! I feel the same way about jeans/pants...and tell everyone about it.

I say wear nice jeans that fit well. A $1.99 clearance shirt or cheap tank top can look great if you're wearing jeans that are the right length and don't give "muffin tops."

EmmaP said...

tee hee! I am commenting on this topic ALL.THE.TIME! on Facebook. Totall bugs me!

Stacey said...

I totally agree! You can check out my favorite bra shop if you like :)

They give great instructions for measuring yourself. I have been professionally fitted a few times though. With pregnancy and nursing, it's amazing how much things can change :) I've heard (since we don't have VS here) that they aren't the best at fitting. I have no idea where in the US to get a good fitting though. I go to a place called Diva here.

Rion said...

Wait. Wait.

I wear sports bras, are you talking to me? Huh!

Just for that, I will make sure to wear my most illfitting sports bra to our Fazolis meeting next week! Bwahaha.

angie said...

Amen. And Amen. Even if you are flat as a pancake, you need a well fitting bra. :)

Honey Mommy said...

My husband sometimes wonders how I can spend over $30 on a bra. I should show him this post!

Anonymous said...

am i the friend? :( lol you can be honest!

Kathy said...

Too funny.

Exercise the right. Goodness knows there are some women in the world that can't.,2933,568524,00.html?test=latestnews

Alicia said...

yes yes yes!! can i get an amen?! i love you for this post!!! and now i want to go buy a new bra!! lol...

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

How did I miss this post? Lately, it seems like I have been missing a lot of posts. You hit the nail on the head. I usually get my VS bras at their semi annual sales to save some $. The right fit makes a world of a difference!

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