Friday, December 11, 2009

oh Moose...

Today Big A went back to work so I took the boys to MOPS with me. It was a struggle to even get in the door because I had a meal for a mom who just had a little guy (who is adorable) and cookies for a cookie exchange, my boys, diaper bag, and the car seat of course. Some ladies held the door for me and then I was told I had to wait to check my boys in to the nursery. I waited like 10 minutes before other moms started just going ahead of me because I didn't know what I was doing because I'd never taken my kids there before. Finally after maybe 15 more minutes, someone helped me. I got the kids settled in, knowing full well that Moose wasn't going to stay there and knowing full well that Squirt would as long as someone held him. I told them this too. :)

We had announcements and prayer and were just in line getting food when a lady came to get me for Moose. He was just screaming, inconsolable "mommy!" A girl I knew when I went to college was in the nursery so that was fun to see her all grown up (she lived in the town I went to school in but is quite a bit younger than me). I held Moose and consoled him. We got food and sat down.

He ate.
He colored.
He played with his car.
He played with his calculator.
He read a book (thank you Rachel for letting him borrow that).
He read some handouts we got.
He put on chapstick and lotion.
He ate some more (he's never had so much sugar in his life).

They played a game. He got a little louder. He kept asking "off" (put down). We went and got his sippy cup and he got juice (a huge treat for him).

Another lady gave us a candy cane. I explained that he couldn't bite it but had to lick it like a sucker. He tried to bite it. I took it away and tried to get him to stick out his tongue.

He screamed.bloody.murder.

So embarrassed, I just bit off parts to give him to chew on. We skipped the craft (small beads and a 2-year-old yeah right). We went to the cookie exchange. He picked up a cookie so I picked out the rest of our 3 dozen to take home. He tried to run off. Again. Again. Again. Again.

He found a cute little red-headed girl to hit on. He tried to run off. Again. Again. Again. Again.

Finally, I just took him to our table to say bye. He said bye. I tried to pick up our cooler, our diaper bag, the carseat loaded with all our coats & stuff, the tin full of cookies. He wouldn't hold still so I could hold his hand. I asked another mom to make sure the meal got to the new mom. Moose screamed again (he knows the word scream and I said it).

A very sweet mom (I wish I could remember more names) helped me carry the carseat out while I tried my hardest to catch Moose. He just wouldn't hold still so I could grab a hand. I finally got him. As we were walking out another mom said "it's alright, Randi" (not sure who she was or how she knew my name but it felt more like 'stop being frustrated' instead of 'it happens to us all.').

I couldn't get him to stand still as we were waiting for Squirt. Squirt came out and started crying as soon as I set him in his carseat. Moose still wouldn't stop going everywhere. I'm getting frustrated. I'm embarrassed.

We try to get to the van. Moose won't hold my hand. I got him to put his finger in my belt loop to get him to walk by met to the van since my hands were full. That actually worked. Then when we got to the van and I was putting Squirt in, Moose ran to where cars drive. I screamed "Moose (well, his name)" at him and grabbed him hard. I don't know how to better explain to him that he could get hurt if he does that. I know it probably just looked like I was mad at him and I was frustrated but more I was just terrified. It just freaks me out when he does that.

I get frustrated when he doesn't listen because usually he does so well. He'll come to me when I say "come here" (or at least closer to me). He'll stop when I say "stop." So when he just really doesn't listen at all, it's hard for me.
I don't want people judging him, thinking he's really disobedient because he just isn't. He's so sweet and mellow most of the time.
I know he just gets excited in new places and around a lot of people (especially girls).


Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Do not worry about what others think of your son. You know him best and more than likely, if those other people are parents, they have had a similar event or will have a similar event. I have had my share of situations like that and it feels like someone pumped up the heater. I am sure new experiences did not help, sometimes kids do not know how to respond to their excitement/nervousness. I give you props for going. It sounds like with all the stuff you had to carry, you had your hands full. generous to bring the new mom a meal! I am sure you made her day.

Alicia said...

oh lady....i knew the feeling...and don't worry, anyone who has birthed a child totally understands!!! i think we as moms tend to feel the worst! chances are the people around didn't even think it was a big deal... and the only way that the kids are gonna get used to situations like that is if you take them! so you did the right thing by taking them and by leaving before you all got too frustrated...don't worry, it happens to me all the time :) and i know your boys are precious, don't worry!

Mayhem and Moxie said...

I do believe that toddler boys are the biggest challenge around. Don't be too hard on yourself...or on your darling boy.

I know from experience that you are right. I'm sure he is just overly excited. :)

Muthering Heights said...

LOL, I never take my kids to MOPS for that very reason!! Did you get to relax at all?

Erin said...

Oh sweetie - I am sorry the morning felt so horrible for you. Bless you for bringing the food and cookies and trying to make everything work! And I HAVE been there and DO understand where you are coming from - and it does get better. Boys are such a different animal and we were both blessed with two of them for a reason I guess! Praying for you and hoping the next meeting goes better!

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