Friday, September 25, 2009

Save the Pandas!

I can't believe that anyone would suggest that we let a species die out. Especially a species as beautiful and wonderful as giant pandas. But that's just what BBC wildlife expert and bat fanatic Chris Packham is suggesting. He says that they are too stupid and haven't adapted and don't procreate in captivity (could you procreate in captivity?).

Well, boo to him! They are so gorgeous and smart. They live in the mountains where not many others live, perfect for the bamboo they love so much. They do procreate in captivity; just because it's harder for them doesn't mean it doesn't work.

You can read the article here or on the Good Morning America site here. I've loved pandas since I was little as you can obviously see. We also went to Washington, DC in April and enjoyed the pandas while visiting the zoo (actually they were the reason for going to the zoo. I couldn't be so close again and not make it to see them).

Want to help save the pandas? There are many ways to contribute, but you can "adopt a giant panda" through the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. Click here if you're interested.


Tiaras said...

we didn't make it to the zoo while we were in DC earlier this month - but we did see the pandas in Beijing!!

Alicia said...

seriously doesn't that just break your heart??? sometimes people just amaze me with the heartlessness they show...

Anonymous said...

heck---I can't even procreate not in captivity! So the pandas got one up on me. I wonder what this guy would say about preserving ME!? LOL :)

Happy said...

Poor panda's. I can't imagine someone thinking any one of God's creatures should just be allowed to die off and be extinguished. So sad.

And, I also can't believe you managed to take two children to the museum...SUPER MOM! I could never. I'm glad that after losing sight of Moose and then finding him you all had a good time.

And congrats on being an auntie! Those are some big twins. I thought twins usually weighed a little less a piece. Wow. Someone was feeding those two good!

Love the Wordless Wednesday picture as well! Very cute!

I think I'm caught up now. Phew.

I hate when I get behind.

Helene said...

I saw a segment on this on GMA and it made me sad. I remember we saw a panda and its baby back at the San Diego zoo several years ago and I just thought they were the most beautiful creatures!

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