Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Texas panda

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I have a confession....it's about an obsession. Not with rhyming but with giant pandas.

They are the cutest, most cuddly-looking creatures in the animal kingdom.
Now this love of mine has an early start. My oldest stuffed animal was a panda bear.
This panda bear was from my daddy. I was (and am) a daddy's girl.

When I was just a wee tot, probably 15-18 months old, my dad went to Texas.
I've never known why he went down there, but I know he brought me back my very first panda.

She's never had a permanent name, although she has been called "Brandi" numerous times.
Do you remember the show Kids Incorporated? There was a pretty girl called Brandi on there & I loved her. And I always wanted that to be my name....as much as I was a daddy's girl, I didn't like having a boy name - even his (I feel differently about this now).

I NEVER wanted my mom to wash her. I cried and cried until she came out. However, I also lost her in my pre-adolescent stage only to find her a few years later under our bunk bed. She went to college with me and into our first apartment as a married couple. Now I've passed her on to Moose where she sits in his pet net.

Over the years, I have accumulated many a pandas. I have small and large Beanie Baby pandas. I have a small paperweight covered with rabbit fur (I think). My sister made me a Build-a-Bear softball panda (named Brandy). My other sister painted a porcelain panda for me (also softball).
I'm sure I have other ones, I just can't think of them.

However, to this day, my favorite panda has always been my one from Texas.
From my daddy.


Jen said...

thats alot of pandas but they are cute.

Mama's Losin' It said...

Pandas ARE cute!! And what a great memory to have of your Dad. :)

By the way the Kids Incorporated song is TOTALLY stuck in my head now.


Anonymous said...

hey love, just telling you how special and amazing you are. I miss you SOOO much. and you do know that you can call me, too, right? :) silly girl i love you ! and kiss your tristan for me!!


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