Sunday, August 2, 2009

God's call

Church today was good. The pastor who started (I think) the People's City Mission spoke about the early church. How everyone back then had a mission of their own rather than just being the audience in the congregation. It wasn't about listening to a message but spreading the Word. He challenged us to all talk to God about a vision, our own mission.

For awhile now, God's been speaking to my heart about my mission. I know it's something involving women. The specifics of my mission are more unclear. I'm not sure if it's starting a MOPS group or leading a Bible study for college girls. I think it's leaning more toward the MOPS group. Today the pastor said that sometimes God puts us in certain places because that's our mission. Well, I'm a mother of preschoolers. I don't know everything about being a mom, a Christian, a leader...but I'm willing to be obedient to Him and learn.

Now I just need to get the juevos to talk to our pastor about this and what it means to our church or what. Have you ever felt God's call? What did He tell you?


Rion said...

I always interpreted things lately as if he wants me to help his creatures. I have felt for years that I have a calling to help his creatures and thats where I have been focusing my direction. Even if for now, its on possibly fostering animals or at least helping pets.

angie said...

I've always felt that my great contribution at this time in my life is to be a good mom and example to others.........I volunteer my time as much a possible, but I'm a terrible "missionary" I'm taking baby steps. I think a MOPS group would be great!

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